Hello Everyone!

Oh what an exciting past week it has been. I took my first week of paid leave, turned nineteen, went on a trip to the fabulous Melbourne and basically just had a very good 7 days. 

Me and my boyfriend, Marcus, had begun planning this trip a while ago. We normally do little holidays for each others birthdays but they are short distances that are nothing more than an hour or two in the car, but we decided to up the game a little. So, we booked a trip to Melbourne.
Marcus and I have been drooling over Melbourne for as long as we've known each other; it was always one of our top travel destinations, and one of the most achievable, considering it was less than a 3 hour flight. 

We had both never been on a flight without responsible adults surrounding us, so it felt like we were totally out of our league, but we were totally ready.

and boy, oh boy, Melbourne, you are incredible.

Here are some pictures and highlights from the trip.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our quick trip in Melbourne. 
And I promise you, we will definitely be visiting again soon.

Love always,

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