Every quarter of the year, I make a playlist. Throughout that quarter, I add to it and add to it. So far this year I have done 2/4 playlists (where is this year going?), and since July is upon us, I am starting to add songs to my third quarter playlist and honestly I am struggling to let go of my second quarter playlist. 

This little family of songs has been on repeat for the past three months, comforting me through late night crying episodes, being the only guests to my 6am dance parties and being the only passenger in the car after I got my license. I guess you could say this playlist has grown with me for the past three months, and man have these last three months been insane. 

My two favoruite musicians of ALL TIME (Halsey & Lorde) released ENTIRE new albums which were both insane, and if you haven't done it already, please listen to Melodrama (Lorde's new album) and hopeless foundation kingdom (halsey's). My absolute favourite song on Halsey's is Bad at Love which has been on repeat. 

During the duration of this playlist I also listen to some new stuff from artists I used to listen to all the time. XYLO released Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea which is utterly gorgeous, along side other new releases by Clarity, Violet Days and FRENSHIP. 

Anyways, you can follow me on Spotify to join me on my journey of the third quarter playlist, which is honestly such a daunting thought of a brand new empty playlist. Anyways, whilst I'm panicking over a new playlist, enjoy my second quarter playlist and I hope you feel the things these songs made me feel. 

Love always,
Brittany x


  1. Love your playlist! Thanks for sharing!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris


  2. I love your music taste!! I'm not a big Lorde fan tbh but I'm digging this playlist. Keep em coming!

    xx Pia

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