Hello everyone! I apologise for the sporadic blog posts, I'm going through a weird phase, so please bare with me. Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with Caroline from Vintage Wax. Caroline hand pours these gorgeous beeswax candles, and often uses vintage ceramics to showcase these candles. 

I was SO excited when I got them and wanted to burn them straight away but I had to hold myself back for the sake of good blog photos. Once I did burn them, oh my goodness, the smell made me feel like I was inside a beehive. It's such a unique smell, and so 'real' as well, nothing like the artificial smell of commercial fragranced candles.

I got my hands on two styles, the Votive Candles in Glass Holders and the Vintage Silver Goblet Style. Both styles are small-medium sized, however there are heaps of sizes available from super tiny tea-lights to giant candles. 

All of Caroline's products are gorgeous and very affordable. She is based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and offers free shipping to the Sunshine Coast with any order over $20. 
ALSO the coolest thing is she can custom make any awesome ideas you have! 

Be sure to check Vintage Beeswax here

Love always,

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