I have been so inspired to take photos but never ever get around to actually planting my bum and writing blog posts. So now, after a 10 hour shift at work my feet are too sore to stand in the shower and hence this is the time to write this post!

I bought these lipsticks a while ago, in fact I bought them the day they launched. They are the new(ish) Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Colour Splash Lipstick

They have a whole range of nude-pink shades which are all so wearable yet all so different. The come in this gorgeous blue packaging, I have never seen anything like it, so it makes them easy to find in my lipstick draw! They have gold detailing which compliments the blue so well. Also the box is adorable, with a purple-dark blue fade. 

The lipstick itself is one of the most hydrating lipsticks I have ever come across. It literally feels like chapstick, except it has a beautiful intense pigment to it. On the days I wear these lipsticks, I don't even bother applying chapstick; yes. THAT is how hydrating these are. 
The longlasting-ness of these is pretty good too, and normally last 4 to 6 hours. They come off a bit  when eating food, but that's expected with most lipsticks, especially hydrating ones.

These lipsticks are amazing and if you're in need of some new nudes, definitely check these out from the Tarte Cosmetics website.

Love always,
Brittany x


  1. I love those shades! Tarte are definitely delivering the goods! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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