I am completely swamped with girl power, and I love it. 

Womens March was held on January the 21st, the day after Trumps Inauguration, and was a political rally with the goal of promoting women's right. Trump is known for his sexism, racism, and a whole lot more -isms, and the whole message of these rallies was to protests against Trumps appalling beliefs. 

The march was centred around DC Washington, however nearly every main city in the world had protestors marching the streets, a beautiful sight of unity. These marches were beautiful, and it was so reassuring to see photos of men, elderly people, kids and everyone in between marching.

Women's rights are human rights. 

Here are some of my favourite photos I found on the web:


  1. I'm still dumbfounded that we got to the point where this was needed! How did Trump get power? It's appalling, but on the other hand, it restores your faith in humanity, there are some amazing people out there who are willing to stand for their beliefs!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. exactly!!!! I don't know how we got to this point, however it does unite people, and shown me that wow i am apart of an amazing species (most of the time) :) x

  2. This was so empowering to see, I'm gutted I couldn't go to the march in London! It's awful that we still have to protest these things, but it definitely is bringing the good people together! x


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