Today I am sharing my photos and stories from San Diego and Mexico, which is Part 3 out of 4 of my California Adventure. 
We stayed in San Diego for a few days and the absolute highlight was the sightseeing bus tour, that we did in every city, but the San Diego one was by far the best. It wasn't because it was the fanciest, nor did it have the best sound or comfiest seats; it was because of the authenticity and pureness. 

We travelled around San Diego in a little rickety bus with overhead crackling speakers and an abundance of people from all corners of the world. We went to all the little spots around San Diego and saw everything, from public toilets (I think the Fenton family has small-bladder-syndrome) to beautiful Mexican architecture.
One of the best parts of the tour was having live commentary. Most of the bus tours we went on had pre-recorded voice overs which were honestly quite monotonous. Each bus driver had their own jokes and own character which kept things engaging.

Then, we took a day tour to Mexico and went in this suspicious white van with tinted windows with a dodgy driver who took us into Mexico the 'quicker' route which resulted in us not getting our passport stamped ... ? But hey, we made it.
Mexico itself was beautiful, the culture was so rich. It spilt onto every road and was waiting around every corner. To be honest, I was quite scared in Mexico, and didn't feel very safe. 
Regardless, it was still beautiful and a very good experience. 

Stay tuned for the last segment of these California blog posts, which is coming once I get my memory card recovered ... oops. 

Love always,


  1. Oh gees, Mexico actually sounds like it was a dodgy part of your trip! I'm glad you made it back safe! Apart from that it all sounds amazing, it's great that you had so much fun!

    Kez |

    1. thanks kez!! yes it was definitely dodgy but so worth it to explore the culture :) x

  2. It's incredible adventure. I really like the way you do your pictures. The composition of the photo is simply gorgeous.


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