Welcome to part 2 of my California adventure! 
The first part was LA, which you can view here.
The next stop was Anaheim, the home of Disneyland. Honestly I am not a massive theme-park person, however my little sister had her eyes set on the land where wishes come true, so we decided to go. And besides, why fly 14 hours and not do everything? 

I do think Disneyland is getting more and more commercialised. What started off as Walt Disney's imagination, has become a 100 minute queues and overprice food. Despite that, it was still a wonderful adventure. Everything was beautiful, it literally felt like I had stepped into a completely different land. Around every corner there were buildings designed like a scene from a fairytale. 

I'm not a fan of rides at all, so I went on all the 'scenic' rides, like the river cruise and the Peter Pan Adventure. My absolute favourite show from when I was young was Winnie The Pooh, and so I was a jumping-up-and-down kind of excited when I saw the Winnie The Pooh ride. It truely was like I had entered the pages of a Pooh novel, and was strolling along the Hundred Acre Woods.

Another amazing thing was that is was Christmas time and for once it was COLD!!! This may seem normal to many but to me it is such a strange phenomena, since living in the southern hemisphere has engraved Santa on a surfboard into my head. I feel like the coldness and Christmas decorations added such a magical feeling, especially when the parade went on. 
The parade was seriously insane, with floats as big as buildings and lights as colourful as blooming flowers. Also, just when it couldn't get any better, they topped it off with a shower of fake snow.

Disneyland was amazing, and I'm so glad it was incorporated into our trip! Although expensive, it was totally worth it, and made me feel like I was a teeny toddler again. 

Next on our stop was San Diego! 

We actually just landed back in Australia today, and oh my goodness I am tired. For me it's 1:30 am LA time (7:30pm Gold Coast time) and I am fighting fatigue whilst waiting for my boyfriend to get out the shower so we can FaceTime for the first time since arriving back (oh men and there beautification).

Anyways, have you ever been to Disneyland?

Love always,
Brittany x

The past two weeks of my life have been beautifully chaotic.
I finished school, had my prom, graduated and then jumped on a plane and went to California in the United States of America. Being in the US was a congratulations from my parents for finally finishing high school and it was such a nice way to reward myself. I think everyone wants to leave a footprint in the US, as it is such a different environment from Australia, with everything being bigger and better.

So on Thursday, November 23rd my family and I packed our bags and boarded the 14 hour flight to Los Angeles. The plane trip was l o n g, I always forget how far Australia is from everywhere else. And also, another thing I always forget is the time zones!! Los Angeles is 18 hours behind, meaning that we departed Australia at 11am (Brisbane time) on Thursday and arrived in LA at 6am (LA time) on the same day. It took my mind a while to register that we had been travelling for 14 hours yet arrived earlier than we left, but hey, that's time zones for you.

I decided that instead of doing day-by-day recount, I'll give you a synopsis of the highlights of LA.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Honestly, people under estimate the extent of that walk. It's approximately 2.1km/1.3miles and stretches for ages and ages with signs upon signs upon signs. The road that it is on is called Hollywood Boulevard and is very touristy, so very rarely do you see anyone apart from tour-guides, buskers, and tourists making there was down the street. It is also extremely busy and crowded, with it getting busier and busier as it gets later and later, which is a complete contrast from Australia where everything closes at 5pm.

I think that I will never be able to shop in Australia ever again after being exposed to the amount of choice in America. We were lucky enough to end up in Los Angeles on the weekend of Black Friday, which is a huge huge huge shopping event and lots and lots of sales, that make Australia's sales look tiny. I'm talking 40-50% off storewide. Nearly every single store has crazy deals, and hence, I sure did make a dent in my bank account. We decided to conquer The Grove for Black Friday, as I had heard it was one of the best shopping areas, and it sure didn't disappoint. Also, not to mention that America has the best Christmas decorations that I have ever seen (as shown in the pictures below).

Johnny Rockets
THE BEST FAST FOOD IN THE WORLD! We actually ended up at Johnny Rockets two nights in the space of three days, it was that good. I actually didn't believe the veggie burgers were veggie burgers because they were so incredible, and also, the milkshakes were on a whole new level.
A lot of restaurants we ended up at had the 'diner' feel to them, which made me feel like I was in the movie Grease, minus the singing ;)

Melrose Avenue
We finally got away from the touristy attractions when we went to Melrose Avenue. If you want a street where you can find vintage threads as well as designer evening wear, Melrose Avenue is the place to go. Also, the street art was absolutely incredible, with every few steps landing you into another beautiful mural.

The best part of Melrose and maybe even the best part of LA, was the Melrose Trading Post, held every Sunday at a local school. There were thousands upon thousands of vintage items and handmade goods, which were all completely unique. There was furniture, records, clothing, jewellery and so so much more; we spent 3 hours there and only covered half the stores.

Here are a few other photos from our bus tour and other things:

LA was incredible, however I was kind of expecting to see celebrities around every corner, which didn't happen, and many of the locals said most celebrities don't even live in LA. Regardless of who was in the city, the city itself was gorgeous and held an interesting story around every street.

The next stage of our adventure was Anaheim, where we went to Disney.
I will be posting about that later on this week, hopefully I'll get a chance to write as our trip has been non-stop. We're arriving home next Saturday, so if I don't speak to you before then, have a lovely week!

Love always,
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