This post has been sitting in my drafting box for what seems like forever. After two different videos, numerous blog posts, and different colours of hair, I finally have something to show you.

HairChalk.Co reached out to me, and asked me to try out their hair chalks. I browsed the website and after only seeing their home page I already made up my mind that I was all for the project.
Firstly, the colours of the chalks are so incredible, you will undoubtedly find the shade that's right for you, as there are heaps of different colours and shades. 

I chose the Exotic Blossom Hair Chalk Set which retails for $18.70 for 12 different shades. 
The shades range from greens to blues to purples to pinks, and is a perfect starter pack if you're unsure on what colour to start with. 

The technique to apply the chalk is quite specific, but if you follow it you will undoubtedly receive incredible results. 
The steps are as follows:
1. Dampen hair
2. Let hair chalk soak in some water for about 40 seconds
3. 'Colour' hair
4. Dry hair
5. Brush hair


I invited my boyfriend, Marcus, to join me on this journey, and we filmed a video featuring our techniques and thoughts which you can view below:

We both loved temporarily dying our hair, and we had an absolute ball.
The hair chalks are super easy to apply, as well as remove, as a quick wash of the hair gets all the chalk right out.

A massive thank you to for sending these to me!

Also, stay tuned on my instagram, @brittanyfentonblog, for details regarding a giveaway ;) 



  1. I love your hair, it looks super pretty! What great products. x



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