For fellow southern hemisphere friends, spring is well and truly upon us. Queue hay-fever, more perspiring, and heat stoke. Just kidding, it's not all doom and gloom! Spring time also means brighter colours, a change of clothing, more time outside, longer days and better fruit (mango season is coming up!). 

Coinciding with the changing season is a changing wardrobe, giving me an excuse to buy more clothes, not that I really need an excuse to do some shopping. 

My first 'spring' purchase was this dress from Beginning Boutique. It is a midi dress with vertical black and white stripes. It's such a light and flow-ly dress, and it gives a very elegant and simple look. 
I paired it with a few rings, and a simple infinity bracelet my boyfriend bought me. 
For shoes, I am wearing my classic Windsor Smith sandals that desperately need replacing.

And to complete the photos, I have this gorgeous bouquet from Fifth Avenue Florist that my boyfriend sent to my house. And of course the flowers demanded to be photographed, so I thought I'd make them apart of this outfit post. 

I am thrilled to be starting my spring outfits, so I hope you enjoyed this post!



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  1. Love the outfit! And the flowers, he's so sweet!

    Kez |


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