photo by // marcus norris 

nostalgia [noun]: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past

Right now, my desk is buried in text books, my hands are stained with ink from writing notes, and my  mind is full of an incoherent mess of words that don't make sense; epiphyte, distributions, calculus, just to name a few. 
 I'm so exhausted, and knowing this is the last time I will ever have to deal with this stress, the last time I will sit year 12 exams, and the last time I will have to memorise the rules of calculus is a relief. But trying to imagine this world in two weeks where I don't have all these unnecessary theories and procedures drowning me is kind of hard. 

What will I do with my time that is no longer scheduled with classes?
What is my life now that it is no longer ruled like the lines in my math book?
What will my memory be filled with as it no longer contains equations?

Well, I hope to fill my time, life and memory with moments like the ones captured and shown in this post. I hope to fill it with walks during a hazy sunset, I hope to fill it with Marcus's hand in mine, I would like my mind and life and time to be as full as the dam we walked along last week. 

This moment was perfect, it felt like I was no longer tied to school work and due dates. Every day I crave this moment, this nostalgic moment. 
And this is what I want it to feel like when I finish school.

So here is a pledge to myself to set myself free once I have graduated. 
Because I am nearly there.
What went from years, to months, is now a couple of weeks.

photo by // marcus norris

photo by // marcus norris

photo by // marcus norris

photo by // marcus norris

photo by // marcus norris

Sephora recently had a 20% everything sale for black card members so of course I had to pick up a few things. One of the things I picked up was this gorgeous palette from Tarte, the Tartelette in Bloom palette which today, I have decided to review. 

I just realised I have forgotten to take pictures of the external packaging, so I'll have to describe it to you. In short, it feels like you are on the inside of a purple flower that is just about to open - it's gorgeous. And then the rest of the palette is all gold with simple black writing which say the name of each colour. I love that the names are imprinted into the packaging, making it exceptionally easy to say which colour you're using in makeup tutorials. 

This palette has a range of great neutrals, including more taupe-y colours, warmer colours, and pink/reds. So basically, this palette contains everything you could ever need. 
My favourite shades are rebel, funny girl, and firecracker. 

As you can see from the swatches below, the colour pay off is amazing. These were all swatched without a setting spay, and with a setting spray is literally unbelievable. 

I have been using this palette nearly every day and creating heaps and heaps of different looks. 
This palette is perfect for every occasion, day wear, night wear and everything in between.

Have you tried this palette?


Hello, hello!

This week's video is going to be a self care/what to do on a bad day video. I have been wanting to film this foreeeeever but I couldn't think of enough ideas until recently.

I hope you all enjoy!
All the links to the calming websites will be in the description of my video on Youtube. 

For fellow southern hemisphere friends, spring is well and truly upon us. Queue hay-fever, more perspiring, and heat stoke. Just kidding, it's not all doom and gloom! Spring time also means brighter colours, a change of clothing, more time outside, longer days and better fruit (mango season is coming up!). 

Coinciding with the changing season is a changing wardrobe, giving me an excuse to buy more clothes, not that I really need an excuse to do some shopping. 

My first 'spring' purchase was this dress from Beginning Boutique. It is a midi dress with vertical black and white stripes. It's such a light and flow-ly dress, and it gives a very elegant and simple look. 
I paired it with a few rings, and a simple infinity bracelet my boyfriend bought me. 
For shoes, I am wearing my classic Windsor Smith sandals that desperately need replacing.

And to complete the photos, I have this gorgeous bouquet from Fifth Avenue Florist that my boyfriend sent to my house. And of course the flowers demanded to be photographed, so I thought I'd make them apart of this outfit post. 

I am thrilled to be starting my spring outfits, so I hope you enjoyed this post!



Hello everyone!

I decided to film a September favourites video, since September has been an incredible month!
Hope you all enjoy!



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