Tomorrow, Thursday the 8th of September, is R U OK? day here in Australia. 

R U OK? is a Australian charity that's goal is suicide prevention though meaningful conversations and creating a bigger sense of belonging though a simple question;

"are you okay?"

This charity has a special place in my heart. Suicide is a taboo topic that is sheltered from us, we brush over the topic and never delve to deep into the feelings and emotions linked with suicide. 

From the way we talk about suicide, you would think it was something rare, something that didn't happen often, however it is something that nearly everyone will face at some point in their lives, whether it's due to an incident of a family member, friend or yourself. 

Suicide is a symptom of internal loneliness, and the R U OK? foundation aims to prevent these feelings by asking the simple question: are you okay?
This question has so many connotations, so many meanings and so many layers. 
It's an opening to a world where people are invited to talk about their feelings, and receive the help they need and deserve, to prevent suicide. 

Remember that there is always someone to talk to, including me, and Lifeline: 13 11 14

It's time to start the conversation and end suicide.

Are you okay?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the R U OK? Foundation, I just love their message and what they are trying to achieve.



  1. I'm glad you wrote this post, it's such a wonderful cause. I hate the stigma surrounding mental health conditions, not enough people are made aware how common these problems are, and so many people suffer in silence...

    Kez |

    1. yes i couldn't agree more! it scares me how many people are suffering but no ones knows. I can't wait for the day people can openly talk about mental illnesses

  2. Hi Brittany,

    I discovered your blog tonight. Honestly girl, you so talented, gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. Suffering from both anxiety and depression for 13 years, this post touches my heart. Your words resonate with me on such a deep level, isolation became the 'norm' for me as I was afraid of judgement, criticism etc.

    Additionally, I urge those who have mental health issues, to get a second opinion with their diagnosis. At the beginning of 2014, I was misdiagnosed with bipolar. After spending 4 months working in London, sleep deprivation can often be mis confused with 'mania'. After 1.5yrs on mood stabilisers, the diagnosis was eventually dismissed.

    Mental illness is something that I'm passionate about advocating, after considerable time in hospital. The patients I met, are honestly the most courageous, passionate and beautiful people.

    Having experienced all of this; it has given me a new lease on life. Some may urge that having mental issues are negative, yes they are not pleasant. Particularly on the days were hands are trembling, your heart is pounding and your mind is outrageously noisy.

    However, it has made a profound impact on my life. I see beyond the exterior and look further into the interior of human-beings. Despite still 'recovering', I understand the world around me and truly want to make a difference to the stigma associated with mental health at large. It is still stigmatised and opening up is insanely painful and emotionally exhausting.

    My main concern for anyone in the grips of any mental health issue, is to not be ashamed and to celebrate the 'imperfections' that are only visible to the individual.

    Additionally, to surround yourself with friends and to not let other's opinions effect you. Anxiety, is similar to wearing a pair of foggy goggles, the world around you is blurry and fear paralyses you.

    Having said all of the above and I am survivor of it all not a 'victim'.

    Thank you for painting the world with beauty and grace. I wish you all the best with all your future endeavours and keep shining beautiful soul :).

    All my love,

    S x x x x x

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