Life has been crazy busy. Between school, work, blogging and my boyfriend, the breaks in this ride of life are broken, and I'm hurtling along a road at full speed. The month of August has literally exhausted me. I had probably my most important exams ever that represent my whole 13 years of school last week, and the only good thing that came out of them was the 2016 meme page on Facebook, it's absolutely hilarious. If you live in Queensland and do QCS, check out the QCE Discussion Space group on Facebook and I guarantee it will make you chuckle!

I am incredibly close to being finished with school, only 3 months left, and then the rest of my life awaits me. I'm on the home stretch.

At the beginning of August, before everything was crazy, I visited my boyfriend who lives on the Sunshine Coast and we had such a fun little adventure I thought I'd share it with you all.

Lately I have been doing quite a lot of these adventure-y type blog posts, do you like them? Of course I will always have my makeup and fashion blog posts here, but I thought maybe some more personal ones would be a nice touch to my blog.

My train on left at 6:40am, so I got to watch the sunrise which was beautiful. I spent my time on the train drifting between fragments of sleep and reading, and it was pleasantly peaceful. 
I got to the Sunshine Coast at 10:20ish, and my boyfriend, Marcus, took me to a little cafe called Urban Garden in Nambour. It was so beautiful, we had a cookies and cream Cheesecake, which was delicious.

We then walked around Nambour for a bit, it's a very small town that's extremely different to the bright, shiny  Gold Coast. 

We then went back to Marcus's house, where we went for a walk down the road to these gorgeous waterfalls. Marcus is an incredible photographer, so he set up his camera and took some amazing pictures. 

I stayed at his house for the night and caught the train back to the Gold Coast at 1pm on the following day, and arrived just in time for my shift for work at 6pm.

I had such a fun adventure, it was incredible seeing his town, and seeing all the quaint people and things that resided inside. I loved spending my last few days of freedom with someone I love so dearly, and the little visit was a wonderful way to relax before the august sprint started. 

Have you done any adventuring lately?



  1. This is so sweet, I really love your personal posts, I think they are a great addition to your blog and I look forward to reading more. Now that you are on your home stretch of schooling do you know what you want to do next? Xx

    Kez |

    1. hey kez! i sort of do haha though you can never be 100% because everything always changes. once I am finished I am hoping to be upgrade to full time in my current job in retail, and hopefully progress to the management team. I then really want to move into my own small apartment once I'm 18 because I'm craving a space that is all me. I am so excited for everything that is coming once I've finished school :)


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