Recently I have been getting back into Youtube. I have so many video ideas, and things I want to say on my channel, I can't wait for the end of exams where I can begin working on all my ideas. 
I have had the Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced for quite some time, you can look at the review here, and I've wanted to film a tutorial.
My friend Maddy and I decided to each do a makeup tutorial using the palette; mine was a night time look and hers was a day time look.
You can have a look at mine below :)

And you can view Maddy's here:

I absolutely love this palette and I really liked how this look turned out.
Do you prefer this palette for night time or day time looks?


  1. I absolutely love this look, its fantastic Brittany!
    I couldn't actually see the day time look though, as the link didn't seem to work for me...

    Kez |

  2. I loved this look Britt - it's simply stunning, the video is so well shot and the editing is on point! Lovely post/ video and that palette looks lush! x

    Frances xx

    PS - Mind checking out my latest post? :D xx

  3. I really like this evening makeup. It looks pretty gently and podchekrivaet dignity. I am glad that there is no bright colors.


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