Honestly, I'm curled up in my bed writing this post to avoid having to start on the pile of assessment due this week. 
Procrastination at it's finest. 
But to be fair, it's week 1 of Semester 2 of my last year of school and I already have so much assessment due I can't even keep track of it all. I was expecting a smooth entrance into Semester 2, quite the contrary to what actually has happened. And what also sucks is that all my blogging friends are now relaxing on their summer break and I'm stuck in the middle of my school year (thanks Southern Hemisphere). 

I feel like I'm so unprepared for what lies ahead of me, all the exams, hours of study, assignments, and tests. Then again, will I ever be prepared for this? Probably not, knowing me. 
But regardless of whether I'm prepared or not, it's here and the 79 days left of school are ticking away. 

These next few months will hold many lasts, my last Math Assignment (THANK GOODNESS), my last self-composed Geography Excursion, my last Biology Extended Experimental Investigation.
It's time to make a start on these lasts. Finish with a bang. Make the 13 years of schooling worth it and most importantly make myself proud. 

Finishing school is like a plane ticket to the rest of my life, and I am so excited to see where I'm going, I just have to make it to the boarding gates. 

79 days Britt, 79 days. 



  1. I'm fully agree! When I finished my last math assignment I said the same thing - thank goodness! (Rather tricky subject for me, needed to use calculators from mymathdone to finish it). But now I'm full of enthusiasm and ready for new adventures :)My new challenge is don't forget everything in summer break :)

    1. Yes! I just handed in my last Biology Assignment and it feels oh so good! Haha mymathdone is literally saved as one of my favourites!!


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