Recently, my boyfriend drove three hours down to the Gold Coast to surprise me at work with this bouquet of flowers. I know, absolutely crazy. 
The flowers were a gorgeous mix of yellow, pink and white, and were just so me. I wanted these to last as long as possible so I went off to do some research on how to make the beauties last, and I thought I would share with you what I have found. 

Fresh Water
Flowers need fresh water daily! Just like you and I, flowers need clean water, so make sure you change their water daily. 

Keep Them Cool
Flowers are sensitive to heat, and as tempting as it can be, try keep them away from direct sunlight or near lamps, heaters or other light/heat sources. Having them too warm is a one-way ticket to them wilting. 

Make Sure There are No Leaves Touching the Water
The leaves of the flowers can release harmful bacteria into the water and cause the flowers to die. Remove all the leaves that are touching the water to ensure your flowers last longer, and if any leaves fall into the water, remove them straight away. 

Cut the Stems
Once you receive/buy the flowers, before putting them in water, cut off an inch of the stems on an angle. This will help the flowers absorb more water, as when they are kept out of water their stems can take in air and get blocked. 

Keep Them Pretty
Remove the dead buds, flowers and leaves to not only keep them looking aesthetically pleasing, but to also prevent the decay spreading to other flowers in the bunch. 

Use the Plant Food, Sparingly
Most bouquets of flowers come with a small packet of plant food. Often it is entwined with the packaging, so keep an eye out before throwing it away. A lot of people make the mistake of using this all at once, so sprinkle a little bit into the fresh water each day to prevent overdosing your flowers. This 'food' contains sugars (for nutrients), acidifiers (to balance the pH of the water) and bleach (to kill any bacteria). 

My flowers lasted a solid 10 days, before I needed to throw them out. Normally I can only get about 5 days out of flowers, so these tips definitely helped me. 
Feel free to share any tips you have in the comments!



  1. Aww how sweet, what beautiful flowers! I can't believe you got them to last 10 days! Another little tip, if your flowers didn't come with any plant food then you should sprinkle a little pinch of sugar into the water to help them gain some nutrients!

    Kez |


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