My eyeshadow palette obsession is getting out of hand as here we are with another eyeshadow palette, the Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette in Soul. I have never tried a Stila eyeshadow palette before, so I was very curious to see how this one plays out. 
I have a hunger for good eyeshadow palettes, and this one certainly fits nice and snug into my tummy. 

For starters, the packaging is so sleek and elegant, just as all Stila packaging is. It has a rose gold lid with a gold base, but I think personally I would prefer it is the palette was all one colour. It is a very sturdy, compact palette that I think would suit travelling very well.

In the box comes a little starter kit with 3 different looks to try, which is helpful for inspiration, or for a starting point to familiarise yourself with the palette. 

Now onto the main course:
Upon opening this pretty little palette, you are greeted by a broad range of 12 shades ranging from warm to cool toned. There are 4 matte shades and 8 shimmery. For some people this might be a bit of an unfair proportion, however considering how many matte palettes I own, I was pleasantly surprised with this combination. 

The names of each eyeshadow are on the back, which is a bit inconvenient for the purposes of filming tutorials. Each shade is so pigmented and soft to touch. The eyeshadows are a perfect consistency of not being to powdery but not being mushy. I also love the blend-ability of this palette, the matte shades go perfectly into my crease and are easily blended to create a seamless look. 

And then the added dessert; there is a huge, clear mirror. It's probably one of the biggest and best mirrors I've seen in any sort of packaging before, which again makes it perfect for people on-the-go. 

Overall I love this palette, I find there is a great range of dark and light shades, that all go together so perfectly. There are endless combinations with this palette, and every time I use it I find new ways of combining the beautiful shades. 

I will definitely be back to try some more Stila eyeshadows in the future.
Have you tried any Stila eyeshadow palettes? What are your thoughts?


Recently, my boyfriend drove three hours down to the Gold Coast to surprise me at work with this bouquet of flowers. I know, absolutely crazy. 
The flowers were a gorgeous mix of yellow, pink and white, and were just so me. I wanted these to last as long as possible so I went off to do some research on how to make the beauties last, and I thought I would share with you what I have found. 

Fresh Water
Flowers need fresh water daily! Just like you and I, flowers need clean water, so make sure you change their water daily. 

Keep Them Cool
Flowers are sensitive to heat, and as tempting as it can be, try keep them away from direct sunlight or near lamps, heaters or other light/heat sources. Having them too warm is a one-way ticket to them wilting. 

Make Sure There are No Leaves Touching the Water
The leaves of the flowers can release harmful bacteria into the water and cause the flowers to die. Remove all the leaves that are touching the water to ensure your flowers last longer, and if any leaves fall into the water, remove them straight away. 

Cut the Stems
Once you receive/buy the flowers, before putting them in water, cut off an inch of the stems on an angle. This will help the flowers absorb more water, as when they are kept out of water their stems can take in air and get blocked. 

Keep Them Pretty
Remove the dead buds, flowers and leaves to not only keep them looking aesthetically pleasing, but to also prevent the decay spreading to other flowers in the bunch. 

Use the Plant Food, Sparingly
Most bouquets of flowers come with a small packet of plant food. Often it is entwined with the packaging, so keep an eye out before throwing it away. A lot of people make the mistake of using this all at once, so sprinkle a little bit into the fresh water each day to prevent overdosing your flowers. This 'food' contains sugars (for nutrients), acidifiers (to balance the pH of the water) and bleach (to kill any bacteria). 

My flowers lasted a solid 10 days, before I needed to throw them out. Normally I can only get about 5 days out of flowers, so these tips definitely helped me. 
Feel free to share any tips you have in the comments!


Honestly, I'm curled up in my bed writing this post to avoid having to start on the pile of assessment due this week. 
Procrastination at it's finest. 
But to be fair, it's week 1 of Semester 2 of my last year of school and I already have so much assessment due I can't even keep track of it all. I was expecting a smooth entrance into Semester 2, quite the contrary to what actually has happened. And what also sucks is that all my blogging friends are now relaxing on their summer break and I'm stuck in the middle of my school year (thanks Southern Hemisphere). 

I feel like I'm so unprepared for what lies ahead of me, all the exams, hours of study, assignments, and tests. Then again, will I ever be prepared for this? Probably not, knowing me. 
But regardless of whether I'm prepared or not, it's here and the 79 days left of school are ticking away. 

These next few months will hold many lasts, my last Math Assignment (THANK GOODNESS), my last self-composed Geography Excursion, my last Biology Extended Experimental Investigation.
It's time to make a start on these lasts. Finish with a bang. Make the 13 years of schooling worth it and most importantly make myself proud. 

Finishing school is like a plane ticket to the rest of my life, and I am so excited to see where I'm going, I just have to make it to the boarding gates. 

79 days Britt, 79 days. 


I haven't filmed a video in quite a while because things have been so busy! but I managed to film a favourites video the other day so enjoy :)

For just under a year now I have been spending my days doing online schooling, which I have fallen in love with. No distractions, no on-going assemblies, no judgement. Another plus side is that I have met some of the most amazing people, one of them being Marcus. 

We started talking over a month ago, and after we found out we had nearly everything in common, we decided to meet at the half way point between us, Brisbane City. He lives on the Sunshine Coast, so that's about 3 hours from me on the Gold Coast. We met in the city and it was one of the best days of 2016 so far. 

We spent the day visiting an art museum, and taking sneaky photos of each other, having lunch and shopping. The whole day was gorgeous and I can't wait to spend more with him. 

And for those of you asking, yes we are dating now. I want this blog to be a place where I can share things, and be honest, so this is a massive step in my life I wanted to share with you. 
The distance is hard already, and it's only been a few days but I am so sure we will manage to work it out. We're already planning so many trips to visit each other and I can't wait.

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