Something you may not know about me is that I love crystals. I have always had a facination with them, even when I was little, and I always had a collection I could never quite get rid of. In the past year I dug through my cupboard and found all my old crystals and once again, fell in love. My collection has probably quadrupled in the past year, and no one quite understands why I love them so much. 

This is why: 
It's the fact that these crystals were made so beautiful by such pressure and heat and pain. I feel like that is a metaphor for life, it may take time, years even but we will all eventually turn into something beautiful, each with our own unique shape, size and property. 

I am always on the hunt for new beauties to add to my collection, and my mum recently saw a crystal store at one of the local malls, and of course I begged her to take me to go have a look.
The beautiful store was Earthly Essentials. They had so many in so many shapes and sizes, I could have easily stayed there all day starting at them. I thought I'd share with you some of the beautiful pieces I picked up and some of the meanings behind them. I am thinking about doing a new series on my blog, where each month I'll write about a different crystal and it's properties, what do you think? 

Clear Quartz
This stone is the most common stone in the crystal world and is said to promote calmness and allow you to see things clearly (hence the name). It is the master healing, healing all parts of the body especially the immune system. 

Black Tourmaline
A very protective stone. Use in repelling negative energies and protects a person from external negative influences as well as internal negative thoughts. 

A stone allowing one to block out background 'noise' and focus your thoughts and actions. Also said to bring harmony to oneself and is great if used in meditation and if concentrating. 

Firstly how beautiful is this? I picked it up after seeing the left image and then turned stover to see the right image. This stone looks ordinary but when held against light in certain ways beautiful patterns and colours can be seen. It is seen as a stone of magic, promoting powers and talents in oneself. 

This stone is known as the 'Genius Stone' promoting concentration and a high level of mental state. This stone is great for calming ones mind. 

So that is all for my Crystal Haul! 
What is your favourite crystal?



  1. I'm not sure if it's a crystal - but I love Amethyst, it's so beautiful! Lovely post and pictures Britt - it's so interesting to learn about something I don't know much about x

    Check out my latest? x

    1. Yes Amethyst is a crystal and it is one of my all time favourites too!! They're great for enhancing dreams too!! Love you x


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