Winter has hit, and the freezing mornings are another excuse why I should stay in bed, however this Sunday my family and I took advantage of the weather and decided to go to a beautiful market called The Village Markets. They are an art, craft, food, fashion and design market which sell the most amazing hand made goods along with delicious food. 

I have been to this market before, and honestly every time I go I am amazed at the beautiful set up, stalls and atmosphere. There is something for everyone here, whether you're after good tunes, food or collectives. This market also gave some fuel to my crystal obsession, as nearly everywhere you looked there were gemstones. 

I ended up picking out these two necklaces, a Moonstone and an Aurora Quartz. 

Here's some more photos:

 And also, did I mention that the markets are pet friendly meaning we met a lot of cute little four legged creatures!

We decided we wanted to have a sit down meal at a restaurant and went to a little cafe/restaurant near James St. Of course, I got an a├žai bowl (my favourite meal ever). 

So that was what my Sunday consisted of!
What did you do?



  1. Check out my blog please !!!
    xxx love ur blog so much by the way!!

  2. That looks like a gorgeous market, I'm not a morning person, and working late Friday and Saturday nights doesn't help but I never seem to make it to the markets, and I wish I went more often!

    Kez |

    1. Maybe next time you get a Saturday night off consider going to markets! They have the most unique funky things!

      Brittany x


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