I have been wanting new glasses for so long, specifically clear ones, as I saw them on a customer at work and I had one of those I NEED THEM moments. 

So this is how the story unfolds;
Mum and I went to Pacific Fair since H&M opened there, which I believe was the 3rd or 4th H&M in the whole of Australia and as you can imagine, it was very exciting!
Anyways mum and I were casually walking back to the car, H&M bags dangling off our arms (okay, we actually only had one between us), and then I saw them. And you know that moment when you can't breathe or move and you just stand there like 0_0 ? That was me, exactly.
So, we booked an eye test for the following week, and the journey started of me finally owning a pair of clear specs. The shop I saw them at was Bailey Nelson. And honestly the level of professionalism and precision amazed me. All the staff were so friendly, making awkward 17 year old me feel a lot more comfortable. Once they tested my eyes, within a week my glasses arrived and I went to pick them up (cue another excuse to go to H&M). 

They came in this very classy black case, that is pretty slick making it easy to keep them in my handbag. Overall I am so happy with my glasses and they were very very affordable ($125), you can view them here

AHH I can't hype them up enough, and I feel like they represent me so well.
Also, if clear frames aren't your things, Bailey Nelson has just about every other type/colour/shape of glasses you could want. And this includes prescription and non prescription. 

A big thanks to the beautiful Bailey Nelson staff at Pacific Fair who helped me find the perfect pair of glasses. I could not have picked a better pair!



  1. They look really good on you! They definitely suit you. I think I am due for another pair of glasses, I dropped my main pair and scratched them months ago so now I just wear my backup pair all the time, not a great fashion statement!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. Ahh i hate it when that happens!! my backup pair are so ugly haha there's an online store called 'Clearly' that stock amazing frames! I was going to order mine from there but then I saw these ones and if was love at first sight x

    2. Also have you changed your blog URL? I can't seem to find it?

    3. I love it when that happens! Love at first sight is great, especially if you put them on and you still love the way they look once your wearing them!
      No, I haven't changed my URL, it should be live. I have been messing around with it recently, it will be going down soon while I make some updates to my blog, but I think it should be live at the moment...

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com


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