Today I have a video on the upcoming fashion trends! I hope you all enjoy :)

I have been wanting new glasses for so long, specifically clear ones, as I saw them on a customer at work and I had one of those I NEED THEM moments. 

So this is how the story unfolds;
Mum and I went to Pacific Fair since H&M opened there, which I believe was the 3rd or 4th H&M in the whole of Australia and as you can imagine, it was very exciting!
Anyways mum and I were casually walking back to the car, H&M bags dangling off our arms (okay, we actually only had one between us), and then I saw them. And you know that moment when you can't breathe or move and you just stand there like 0_0 ? That was me, exactly.
So, we booked an eye test for the following week, and the journey started of me finally owning a pair of clear specs. The shop I saw them at was Bailey Nelson. And honestly the level of professionalism and precision amazed me. All the staff were so friendly, making awkward 17 year old me feel a lot more comfortable. Once they tested my eyes, within a week my glasses arrived and I went to pick them up (cue another excuse to go to H&M). 

They came in this very classy black case, that is pretty slick making it easy to keep them in my handbag. Overall I am so happy with my glasses and they were very very affordable ($125), you can view them here

AHH I can't hype them up enough, and I feel like they represent me so well.
Also, if clear frames aren't your things, Bailey Nelson has just about every other type/colour/shape of glasses you could want. And this includes prescription and non prescription. 

A big thanks to the beautiful Bailey Nelson staff at Pacific Fair who helped me find the perfect pair of glasses. I could not have picked a better pair!


Winter has hit, and the freezing mornings are another excuse why I should stay in bed, however this Sunday my family and I took advantage of the weather and decided to go to a beautiful market called The Village Markets. They are an art, craft, food, fashion and design market which sell the most amazing hand made goods along with delicious food. 

I have been to this market before, and honestly every time I go I am amazed at the beautiful set up, stalls and atmosphere. There is something for everyone here, whether you're after good tunes, food or collectives. This market also gave some fuel to my crystal obsession, as nearly everywhere you looked there were gemstones. 

I ended up picking out these two necklaces, a Moonstone and an Aurora Quartz. 

Here's some more photos:

 And also, did I mention that the markets are pet friendly meaning we met a lot of cute little four legged creatures!

We decided we wanted to have a sit down meal at a restaurant and went to a little cafe/restaurant near James St. Of course, I got an a├žai bowl (my favourite meal ever). 

So that was what my Sunday consisted of!
What did you do?


Pinafore: Cotton On // Watch: The Horse // Roll Neck Top: City Beach  // Shoes: Naughty Monkey //
Necklace: Won it from a giveaway from Royally Rouge

 I have being wanting a Corduroy Pinafore for so long and when I saw Cotton On had one I was dying to buy it. I carefully stalked it, waiting for it to be completely unaware (aka on sale) and I pounced getting it 30% off! 
This pinafore is the perfect winter essential with it being versatile enough to wear it with short sleeves as well as long sleeves. Also the texture adds a bit of something, making it a lot more of an interesting piece. 
Also, these shoes have been a favourite of mine for forever, and I was just waiting on the right moment to do an outfit post with them. 
AND I nearly forgot!! I won this necklace from Frances along with some earrings. Does this necklace not scream my name? Frances's blog is linked above if you want to check it out!

Without a doubt I am going to be wearing this outfit this weekend, probably when I go to The Village Markets in Burleigh. I'll definitely try to take some photos as the village markets are probably my favourite markets here on the Gold Coast!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Here is the makeup tutorial I posted on my Youtube! I hope you enjoy x

Something you may not know about me is that I love crystals. I have always had a facination with them, even when I was little, and I always had a collection I could never quite get rid of. In the past year I dug through my cupboard and found all my old crystals and once again, fell in love. My collection has probably quadrupled in the past year, and no one quite understands why I love them so much. 

This is why: 
It's the fact that these crystals were made so beautiful by such pressure and heat and pain. I feel like that is a metaphor for life, it may take time, years even but we will all eventually turn into something beautiful, each with our own unique shape, size and property. 

I am always on the hunt for new beauties to add to my collection, and my mum recently saw a crystal store at one of the local malls, and of course I begged her to take me to go have a look.
The beautiful store was Earthly Essentials. They had so many in so many shapes and sizes, I could have easily stayed there all day starting at them. I thought I'd share with you some of the beautiful pieces I picked up and some of the meanings behind them. I am thinking about doing a new series on my blog, where each month I'll write about a different crystal and it's properties, what do you think? 

Clear Quartz
This stone is the most common stone in the crystal world and is said to promote calmness and allow you to see things clearly (hence the name). It is the master healing, healing all parts of the body especially the immune system. 

Black Tourmaline
A very protective stone. Use in repelling negative energies and protects a person from external negative influences as well as internal negative thoughts. 

A stone allowing one to block out background 'noise' and focus your thoughts and actions. Also said to bring harmony to oneself and is great if used in meditation and if concentrating. 

Firstly how beautiful is this? I picked it up after seeing the left image and then turned stover to see the right image. This stone looks ordinary but when held against light in certain ways beautiful patterns and colours can be seen. It is seen as a stone of magic, promoting powers and talents in oneself. 

This stone is known as the 'Genius Stone' promoting concentration and a high level of mental state. This stone is great for calming ones mind. 

So that is all for my Crystal Haul! 
What is your favourite crystal?


When I went to South Africa in December, I picked up this highlighter from MAC as all the MAC products were half the price of MAC in Australia!
I have been on my eye on this product for quite some time now seeing it all over Youtube, and I decided to get it whilst it was so cheap.

It has taken me a while to write this review, I've been indecisive as to whether I actually like it. When comparing it to some of my other highlighters, such as Becca Champagne Pop, I was honestly disappointed for what I want in a highlighter.

For me, I love an over-the-top highlight, and this one didn't do it for me. It is quite a subtle glow, and I tend to reach for it on my minimal makeup days. 
The colour, however, is perfect! It is an in-between pink and gold which I like and it's the perfect balance between cool and warm. 

If you're into subtle highlights, this is straight up your alley!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Brittany x

If you're anything like me, you have a cupboard full of totally useless things that somehow still hold a special place in your heart. Throwing things out hurts for me, and it's something I can't quite justify. That's why when Carousell got in contact with me, I was so excited. 

Carousell is basically an app where you can pass on your preloved items to other people, in a safe and friendly environment. It is location based, so you can select how you wish to sell, whether it be through meet-ups based off location, or postage. Also, every time you buy or sell to someone, you can review them. Their reviews are viewed by everyone so it gives you a good idea of non-dodgy people (and to be honest, I've never seen anyone who is even mildly dodgy).

It's honestly just like Instagram but where you can actually buy people's items. All you have to do is post a photo, price and brief description and the offers come flooding in! 
The app also gives you a chance to chat with people to arrange meet-up/money transfers.

This app is open worldwide, everyone can set their location find people near them!

Here are a few items I'm currently selling:

And also, Carousell is not paying or sponsoring me to write this post, they asked me to try out their app and mentioned nothing about writing a blog post on it. It was honestly me just wanting to share this with you!

You can follow me here and don't forget to sign up too! Comment your username below and I'll make sure to follow you :)

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my recent obsession with plants. I have bought about 6 in the last two weeks, but hey, at least it's an environmentally friendly addiction!

So, I guess it's time for you guys to meet my newest plant. Donkey, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. 
Note: Donkey because my other plants names have a theme of Shrek, so we're going to roll with it. 

Today I am sharing some information and tips for how to care for your tree, since it can be a stressful job (think of me setting my alarm early just to water and care for Donkey). 

For starters, here's some information:
Fiddle Leaf Figs are evergreen trees from Africa growing around 30m tall in their natural environment, in a home, they can grow up to 3m. They have big leathery leaves which tend to maintain a dark green colour. 

Fiddle Leaf Figs are supposedly easy plants to maintain, although I was a bit apprehensive. 
However after keeping mine alive for a month (BIG achievement for me!) I can say that I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeves. 

These trees do not need a lot of water, I find if I give them 1/4 of a cup 2 times a week they are fine. 
Or, as a general rule, I read somewhere that when the first half-inch of soil is dry that's a sign it needs some water. If brown spots start appearing on the leaves, it is a sign of either to much, or too little watering. Also, I like to give the leaves a quick spray with water every 2-3 days to keep them moist. 

Fiddle Leaf Figs do not need direct sunlight! Their leaves are quite sensitive, and require indirect sunlight, hence why they enjoy the indoors. Also, every week rotate your tree over a little if you want your fig to remain upright and straight as they grow towards sunlight. 

Any good potting soil will do, I've potted mine in a pot from Kmart with some normal potting soil. 

Since their leaves are big, give them a wipe down every now and again with a damp clothe to clean away any dust. This will help the plant absorb more light. 

So there you go! These plants are seriously so beautiful, and they aren't even that hard to maintain. 
Do you own any plants?

- Britt

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