Astrology is something I have been extremely into lately; planets, moons, stars and how they can affect our mood and well being.

I have been trailing this theory since February, I have kept a record of what the moon is doing and noted how my mood is affected. And to be clear, I didn't see what the moon was first, I made sure I noted my mood and then looked to see what the moon was up to that day. This stops any subconscious psychological effects happening.

And this is what I found:
In times of the new moon, where the moon is completely shadowed, I found my mood was lifted, somewhat energised. I had more energy and motivation to do things, whether it was blogging, school work or other things. I also found I was able to concentrate things better and actually started and finished things. 
In times of the full moon, I found I was literally a bottle of emotions. Anything from extra happy to extremely sad and angry, all within the space of a few hours. I also noticed things at home seemed more intense, there were more family disagreements. 

So, can science prove it?
The moon has an electromagnetic pull, and I'm sure you know that it affects tides and water. And I'm sure you know our body is 75% water. See a correlation?
Also, the moon has a significant gravitational pull and electromagnetic pull, which influences the ions in our bodies.

Some evidence to prove it:
In 2000, incidents of people being bitten by wild animals was significantly higher during a full moon.
Police in 2007 in Brighton revealed information that crime rates were higher during a full moon, and as a result had to deploy more officers.
Women's menstruation lasts for a period of 28 days, and the moons cycle lasts for 29 days.
Some hospitals have noticed an increase in the number of emergency cases during a full moon.

Whether you believe this, is completely up to you. Just as a lot of theories, there is evidence to prove, and disprove it. Personally, I have experienced it myself, and I notice a gradual change though out the moons cycles.

So what's next?
The next New Moon, is on the 7th of May and the next Full Moon is on the 22nd of May.

If you'd like a more in-depth explanation of each new and full moon and what it means for you, let me know!
This blog post was very different to write, but I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. This is pretty cool! I believe what science says about this. Something that tends to happen to me when there is a full moon is that I'll get a headache! Very fun post to read!


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