Recently, there has been such a romanticisation of sleep deprivation, watching 3 seasons of a show on Netflix all in one night, and staying in. Whilst this is good, I know I have to remember the good old saying of 'everything in moderation.' 
Staying in is good, but going out is also good! And both can be bad if done excessively. 

Lets end the idolisation of laziness and lying in bed all day, lets get out and adventure!

Make art
Make friends
Make memories
Make music.

Get out and live, experience life to it's fullest and also explore yourself. The whole world is out there, we just need to get there and experience it!

For the next month, here are 3 things I want to experience, that do not involve staying in my little cocoon room.

1. Picnic in nature
 I love love love nature, and getting outdoors and walking along hiking trails (easy ones of course) is so calming.

2. Go to the H&M opening at a mall near me!
In Australia I believe we only have 2 or 3 H&M stores, which are in the main cities. Finally, on the Gold Coast there is one opening and it's opening next Thursday so maybe I'll pop in!

3. Go to markets
Market shopping is probably my favourite type of shopping. I love all the unique things you can find, and I also just love the atmosphere. If you would like to see a blog post on my favourite markets on the Gold Coast let me know!

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