School has been crazy and I've been feeling a bit down lately because of all the stress, hence why there has been a lack of blog posts. It's funny though, seeing as blogging stimulates my happiness yet when things get tough it gets pushed aside? 

Anyways I have been wanting to blog about this forever, since I got these in January. 
I bought them on my trip to South Africa, and they are the original black and white Converse All Star High Tops.
At first, I hated them. I thought high tops looked so weird and were not my thing. But then, when I first started wondering as to whether I wanted to invest in a pair I was torn between many thoughts. I had never been into high tops before, and was actually really really scared of them. I had seen them on other people, and thought they looked cute, but always wondered if I could pull them off. 

I was in South Africa when I bought these, and since they were so much cheaper ($70AUD instead of $100AUD) I decided to plunge and get them.

And my oh my I am SO glad I bought them. There's something so retro about them, and they remind me of Grease a little. They literally go with anything and now that I'm comfortable in high tops, I sometimes think the low versions look weird. 
How times have changed :P

Are you a high or low top kinda person?



  1. These shoes are my favorite!

  2. I love Converse High Tops! I think they are such nice shoes that can be casual or more formal, which is awesome. Nice Post!

    1. Thanks Rósín! I totally agree, I love the versatility with them!


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