Recently, there has been such a romanticisation of sleep deprivation, watching 3 seasons of a show on Netflix all in one night, and staying in. Whilst this is good, I know I have to remember the good old saying of 'everything in moderation.' 
Staying in is good, but going out is also good! And both can be bad if done excessively. 

Lets end the idolisation of laziness and lying in bed all day, lets get out and adventure!

Make art
Make friends
Make memories
Make music.

Get out and live, experience life to it's fullest and also explore yourself. The whole world is out there, we just need to get there and experience it!

For the next month, here are 3 things I want to experience, that do not involve staying in my little cocoon room.

1. Picnic in nature
 I love love love nature, and getting outdoors and walking along hiking trails (easy ones of course) is so calming.

2. Go to the H&M opening at a mall near me!
In Australia I believe we only have 2 or 3 H&M stores, which are in the main cities. Finally, on the Gold Coast there is one opening and it's opening next Thursday so maybe I'll pop in!

3. Go to markets
Market shopping is probably my favourite type of shopping. I love all the unique things you can find, and I also just love the atmosphere. If you would like to see a blog post on my favourite markets on the Gold Coast let me know!

Also, this post is in collaboration with Eventbrite, which is the largest self-service ticketing platform the world, helping you plan and find events. You can also check out the page for event management here
Astrology is something I have been extremely into lately; planets, moons, stars and how they can affect our mood and well being.

I have been trailing this theory since February, I have kept a record of what the moon is doing and noted how my mood is affected. And to be clear, I didn't see what the moon was first, I made sure I noted my mood and then looked to see what the moon was up to that day. This stops any subconscious psychological effects happening.

And this is what I found:
In times of the new moon, where the moon is completely shadowed, I found my mood was lifted, somewhat energised. I had more energy and motivation to do things, whether it was blogging, school work or other things. I also found I was able to concentrate things better and actually started and finished things. 
In times of the full moon, I found I was literally a bottle of emotions. Anything from extra happy to extremely sad and angry, all within the space of a few hours. I also noticed things at home seemed more intense, there were more family disagreements. 

So, can science prove it?
The moon has an electromagnetic pull, and I'm sure you know that it affects tides and water. And I'm sure you know our body is 75% water. See a correlation?
Also, the moon has a significant gravitational pull and electromagnetic pull, which influences the ions in our bodies.

Some evidence to prove it:
In 2000, incidents of people being bitten by wild animals was significantly higher during a full moon.
Police in 2007 in Brighton revealed information that crime rates were higher during a full moon, and as a result had to deploy more officers.
Women's menstruation lasts for a period of 28 days, and the moons cycle lasts for 29 days.
Some hospitals have noticed an increase in the number of emergency cases during a full moon.

Whether you believe this, is completely up to you. Just as a lot of theories, there is evidence to prove, and disprove it. Personally, I have experienced it myself, and I notice a gradual change though out the moons cycles.

So what's next?
The next New Moon, is on the 7th of May and the next Full Moon is on the 22nd of May.

If you'd like a more in-depth explanation of each new and full moon and what it means for you, let me know!
This blog post was very different to write, but I hope you enjoyed it!


School has been crazy and I've been feeling a bit down lately because of all the stress, hence why there has been a lack of blog posts. It's funny though, seeing as blogging stimulates my happiness yet when things get tough it gets pushed aside? 

Anyways I have been wanting to blog about this forever, since I got these in January. 
I bought them on my trip to South Africa, and they are the original black and white Converse All Star High Tops.
At first, I hated them. I thought high tops looked so weird and were not my thing. But then, when I first started wondering as to whether I wanted to invest in a pair I was torn between many thoughts. I had never been into high tops before, and was actually really really scared of them. I had seen them on other people, and thought they looked cute, but always wondered if I could pull them off. 

I was in South Africa when I bought these, and since they were so much cheaper ($70AUD instead of $100AUD) I decided to plunge and get them.

And my oh my I am SO glad I bought them. There's something so retro about them, and they remind me of Grease a little. They literally go with anything and now that I'm comfortable in high tops, I sometimes think the low versions look weird. 
How times have changed :P

Are you a high or low top kinda person?


So happy to finally post this! I hope you enjoy!

Yes, I have had this for AGES and took the photos straight after the first swatch. They have been sitting in my 'to post' folder for a while, and I finally fitted this post into my blogging schedule.

As I'm sure you know, Becca Cosmetics (available in Sephora in Australia) did a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill to combine forces and create 'Champagne Pop'. I was in debate whether to get this one or Moonstone, but because of the 'limited edition' label the decision came easy. 
 The reason I was unsure however, was because this is, as the name described, was a champagne highlighter. I tend to prefer the cooler-toned highlighters, so I wasn't sure I would like this.
But I decided to plunge, and I bought it ($60 later...) and although I was weary after the first few tries, I began to fall head over heals in love with it soon. 

The pigmentation of this highlighter is amazing and the quality is, as expected, amazing too. 
It tends to stay on all day, which I love and there is also so much product!

Despite the hefty price tag, I feel like this highlighter is worth it, definitely. It is so beautiful and is available at Sephora online and is instore too. 

How is everyone today?
I am pretty well, and after posting a School Morning Routine video on my Youtube, I had a few people ask about my outfit, so here are the details!!
Even though it is autumn in Australia, it still feels exactly the same as summer, hot hot HOT! I wore this dress since the colours are quite autumnal however it's still a nice cool dress to wear when the days are still this hot.
I adore this rust colour, and I feel like most of the pieces I have been buying lately are this colour. 

Hat // Dissh
Dress // City Beach
Necklace // City Beach
Shoes // Windsor Smith

Hope you enjoyed this look.

A few months ago, these gorgeous Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipsticks arrived in Australia. I was so happy they finally arrived, and after seeing many photos of them I was eager to get my hands on them!
I ended up picking the shades '43' a gorgeous dark nude as well as '45' a light mauve pink.

The texture is creamy and super pigmented, I find they last all day and are definitely not drying. I really also like the finish, as it is not matte, but not super shimmery either. It is more like a satin finish which is probably one of my favourite finishes.
The colour selection was beautiful, and picking just two was hard work!
They come in a slick, nude packaging with the 'Kate x' logo on it.
I feel like this collection is so beautiful and they have a nude shade for nearly every skin type.

Shade 43:

Shade 45: 

Have you tried these lipsticks?
What are your thoughts?
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