Hello everyone!

So firstly, I need to address my absence. I have had exams and because I'm in my final year I sole focused on exams, no distractions, which meant minimal blogging :(
But it is now the easter holidays and I can blog all day everyday (yay!!)

Anyways I recently came into contact with Bbichotan, a company whose sole focus is Bichotan, an activated charcoal substance. It is said to purify as well as act as an antibacterial. The company, Bbichotan, has made their first ever product, a Bichotan Toothbrush which is said to remove the every-day gunk from your teeth and prevent your teeth from being stained.

This company is simply awesome and their toothbrushes have unusual black bristles. They also come in a range of colours, including the ones pictured above. 
I have been loving this toothbrush, as it not only looks minimalistic in my bathroom, but also makes my teeth feel squeeky-clean afterwards.

So, you saw giveaway in the title of this post?
That's right! I have teamed up with Bbichotan to give one of you of their toothbrushes!

I am giving away the one pictured above! The rules are as followed:
1. Follow me on Instagram (@brittanyfentonblog) as well as Bbichotan (@b.bichotan)
2. Tag three friends on my photo on my instagram (it has the text 'Giveaway' and has a marble background)

The winners will be drawn 13th April 2016, at 4pm AEST. 
This is an international giveaway and users can only enter once.

I wish you all the best of luck!! 


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