Hello everyone!

So firstly, I need to address my absence. I have had exams and because I'm in my final year I sole focused on exams, no distractions, which meant minimal blogging :(
But it is now the easter holidays and I can blog all day everyday (yay!!)

Anyways I recently came into contact with Bbichotan, a company whose sole focus is Bichotan, an activated charcoal substance. It is said to purify as well as act as an antibacterial. The company, Bbichotan, has made their first ever product, a Bichotan Toothbrush which is said to remove the every-day gunk from your teeth and prevent your teeth from being stained.

This company is simply awesome and their toothbrushes have unusual black bristles. They also come in a range of colours, including the ones pictured above. 
I have been loving this toothbrush, as it not only looks minimalistic in my bathroom, but also makes my teeth feel squeeky-clean afterwards.

So, you saw giveaway in the title of this post?
That's right! I have teamed up with Bbichotan to give one of you of their toothbrushes!

I am giving away the one pictured above! The rules are as followed:
1. Follow me on Instagram (@brittanyfentonblog) as well as Bbichotan (@b.bichotan)
2. Tag three friends on my photo on my instagram (it has the text 'Giveaway' and has a marble background)

The winners will be drawn 13th April 2016, at 4pm AEST. 
This is an international giveaway and users can only enter once.

I wish you all the best of luck!! 


Lately, I have been all about creating my own style, and these jeans were the first step in my creation. They are typically called 'mum jeans' and I thrifted them from a second hand shop. They are proper genuine Levi's and in fantastic condition except for at the back where the label has come off. 

I personally love them, and I'm sure they aren't everyone's cup of tea but if we all liked the same thing there would be no diversity in fashion. 

Outfit Details:
Top - Topshop
Jeans - Thirfted Levi's
Belt - City Beach
Necklace - South Africa
Backpack - Ruby and Kit
Shoes - Windsor Smith


Recently, I have been talking to a really good friend of mine, Brookie, from Lifetime To Inspire. I have done collaborations with her in the past, and we thought it was about time to do another one, so today I present, 5 things that make me happy.

People underestimate the power of getting up, getting ready, closing an outfit you like and feeling confident. Dress up for yourself! You deserve it and it makes a huge different between feeling 'okay' to feeling 'fabulous'!

This may come as no surprise, but blogging is my hobby, and that makes me happy. Yours can be something else, exercise, walking, drawing, listening to music. It doesn't even have to be something talent-ful, if it makes you feel good, and you're interested in, it's a hobby.

So in this past month I have been feeling so creative, with my outfits, with my room, my makeup and artwork as well! It's a great outlet, and even if you suck at drawing you can still get some enjoyment our of drawing stick figures!!

I am a huge fan of anything that smells nice; candles, perfumes, oils, incense, and more. Something about a really good smell just makes me feel so happy, and the power of the sense of smell is actually mindblowing! Smells can have a huge impact on our mood, so go on, buy the fancy perfume.

Absolutely no one can influence your happiness as much as you can. Do things that make you happy, sniff the flower, buy the dress, eat the cake and LIVE!

Still want some more positive vibes? 
Go have a look at Brookie's blog post here.


Since we are well underway with 2016, I thought I would share a post about taking the time out to nap. I am a big fan of naps but I am sad to say I don't do it too often.

I was inspired by Caspar to do this post, and I thought it was a great idea! Casper is the expert when it comes to sleep and napping! They have designed one memory foam mattress to make sure you get the best rest. Below is Caspar's guide to napping

I feel like taking time out for napping is so important, not only does it rest your mind, it rests your body to.
What are your napping tips?

Britt x

This gorgeous third edition to the Too Faced Chocolate eyeshadow palette range, called Chocolate Bon Bons, was release in Australia about a week ago. Of course, I took a trip to Mecca Maxima on the first day it came out and purchased it then and there and I have certainly not looked back.

The packaging is this bright, cute pink tin with hearts embossed into the front. Once you open it, it comes with a guide for three different looks to get you started, which I think is very handy. Also, upon opening it you are hit with a delicious smell of the signature chocolate sent by Too Faced. 

Each eyeshadow is in a love heart pan, which adds such a cute touch to the palette. 
The colours are gorgeous and have a wide range of browns, but also some beautiful bright colours that I can't wait to play around with!

The pigmentation of these colours is unreal, I would say probably more than the original Chocolate Bar Palette. I also feel like there are countless looks to create with this palette, and this is not a that you can easily get bored with!

The only downside to this palette is that there isn't a shimmery highlighting shade. I tend to love those shades for my inner corner, and this palette lacks one of them. 
But in saying that, this palette literally has every other colour you could want!!

Have you tried this palette?
What are your thoughts?

Brittany x

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