This is part 3 of my travel blog posts from when I went to South Africa. I haven't posted one in quite a while, and I know you guys like them so here is another one!

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Our family decided to take us on a holiday from our holiday (if that makes sense) and we drove to Swaziland, which is a country just above South Africa. 

On the way we stopped at a restaurant called Mandala's and it was honestly the most beautiful place. There was artwork every where, and the scenery was breath taking. I actually felt really calm there, it must have been the mixture of nature and art that just made me feel such calmness. 

Mandala's Resturant

After our drive to Swaziland we finally got to our hotel and completely crashed! But we went out to dinner and then pretty much hit the hay. 

The next day, we did a full day of activities, and we went to the Swaziland Glass Factory. This place was amazing and sold hand made glass sculptures, glasses, jugs and just about anything else that could possible be made out of glass. 

There were also some beautiful little local business that we stopped by and had a look at.

Local Shops

South African 'Lucky Beans' 

We then stopped at Swazi Candles, and this is a stunning place that uses local people to hand make these candles, and they are then shipped world wide. It was only a team of about eight or so workers, which fascinated me seeing as though Swazi Candles are national. 

A few of the candles

A beautiful bathroom in Swaziland

Local stores selling goods

On the way back to the hotel, we made an unexpected stop at a local national park, and whilst we were there, we found out there was traditional Swazi dancing, which of course we had to go to!
The scenery, people, dancing, music and aesthetic was divine. It was probably one of the highlights of my trip.

The show

Me and my sister with the local Swazi people

The next day we headed back to Newcastle, where we spent a few more days before heading to Cape Town, so stay tuned for that! Swaziland was an amazing experience, and the happiness of the people radiated from their smiles. 

Brittany x

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