Valentines day is so often all about others, about our loved ones, but I feel sometimes we need to treat ourselves and love ourself. As you can probably tell, based off a recent post, Enhancing You, and this post, I have really being enjoying the 'loving yourself' vibe. 
I understand the point of showering your loved ones in gifts on valentines day, but what about yourself? You're the one who has kept breathing when there is no air, and kept swimming when it feels like you're drowning. 

Today's post was inspired by Boohoo, and as you know, I have worked with them before on my Summer Essentials post, and Styling Nike Air Force 1s video. I absolutely loved Boohoo, they have seriously affordable clothing that is of a high quality and is super on trend. The asked me to say one thing that made me feel gorgeous and good about myself this valentines, and to be honest I had to think pretty hard.
It would probably be this: I am strong 
And I don't mean physically (I am a COMPLETE weakling in that area), I mean mentally and emotionally. Sometimes when I am down I think about everything I've overcome; moving countries, loosing friends, starting new schools ), completing school (almost - I have on year left!, getting a job.

What makes you feel good about yourself?

Shop this Bralette from Boohoo:


  1. Out I really like that bra.... I'm going to get it very unique and cool

    1. definitely get it! it's so comfy and so affordable as well :)


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