As you have probably seen from my previous outfit posts, I am a big fan of neutral colours. Which is why, when I saw this skirt and I actually liked it, I knew it had a place in my wardrobe. It's the main focus of this outfit, and is a beautiful woven skirt with all different patterns and textures. I paired it with a simple white crop, and some tan sandals and overall I really liked this outfit.

Also, we have just got renovations on our house, which is why there is no railing behind me (it's still being built). But I thought the background was pretty so therefore I didn't mind standing on the edge of a 2 metre high deck :p

Outfit Details:
Top: Universal Store (this is the grey version as the white one is sold out)
Skirt: City Beach
Watch: Nixon

Brittany x


  1. I'm pretty sure I wear the same 2 colors (grey and white) at all times. Lol!!! I love this skirt though, it's colorful but not to flashy at the same time :)

    1. haha i can relate to wearing 2 colour ;) it is pretty subtle but colourful!! xx


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