This New Source of Wholesale Materials Can Spare The Environment and Your Wallet is all about eco-friendly design, and we love that Brittany has given us a chance to show off a brand new way of sourcing material to all her readers! We're launching a new supplies section for crafters worldwide, with an eco-conscious twist: high quality, low-cost materials from factory overstock! To understand what that means, we have to know what happened to designers Bunny and Nico three years ago.

"All of these boxes are full of defectives. They'll be burned when we find time for it." When the warehouse owner spoke these words, designer duo Bunny Yan and Nicolas Bouthors both appeared to blink in unison. The two had come to this factory looking for design material to incorporate into their next collection. In the factory's warehouse they instead found stacks and stacks of boxes filled with high-quality wholesale materials doomed for the landfill. Doctor's scrubs, to be exact. Bunny took out one of the shirts and with a curious squint asked, "Which part exactly is defective?" The owner didn't bat an eye. "Well, they're the wrong shade of color. It's not what the contractor ordered." Nicolas and Bunny looked at each other. The factory was going to destroy tons of finished product because of a wrong color? The owner didn't even seem phased by the prospect. Turns out, this is how every single factory deals with their 'defectives'. But that term can mean a lot of things in the factory business. It certainly doesn't mean, 'useless'!

Cool material goes to waste every day, but it doesn’t have to

The words above might be paraphrased (and we doubt Bunny and Nico perfectly synchronized their blinks) but the story is real, and the boxes of high-quality material sitting in warehouses waiting to be destroyed are a wasteful problem. 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' is the motto of many a thrifty crafter. When an individual designer or small studio has left-overs, such as trimmings and unused fabric, they can be used by another crafter to create something new. It's the fundamental principle that fabric and material swaps are built on! But where designers and studios might end up with a bag of overstock, factories end up with literal tons.

Abandoned orders, color mistakes and size mistakes can all result in an entire batch of production being discarded. Why? Well, storing it costs money and finding a buyer is not something a factory does: they just make on demand. So these materials, along with endless amounts of trimmings and off-cuts (think fabric and leather for instance) is destroyed to save money. That's a staggering amount of waste. But what happens when that 'waste' gets in the hands of designers?

What can you do with eco-friendly materials? A lot!

Gloria Zhu uses excess yarn from bigger design projects to create art. Her favorite creations are her crochet flowers and she loves to adorn them onto bags and even jewelry. The TOMS Shoes brand even displayed her 'Ruyi Crochet' shoe design at their China store launch! Right next to the creation of another designer who's learned to love left-overs: designer Xin Xin uses overstock and vintage upholstery fabric and leather to create clutches. For even more colorful creations she's been using overstock buttons to create pins, showing that it's not just overstock fabric that can be used: buttons are extremely prone to rejected batches but can be used in many ways. Just look at Beryl! She uses colorful rejected buttons and makes them into adorable home decor pieces. Obviously, there is purpose for quality overstock materials.

Get inspired with Inspiration Packs!

So when designers Bunny and Nicolas asked to take some of the doctor's scrubs occupying the factory warehouse home with them, the factory was more than happy to rid themselves of it. The duo saved high-quality material from the landfill by turning them into fun and sturdy shoulderbags, aptly dubbed 'Scrubags'. Not bad for something made from materials that would otherwise be destroyed!

All it took was getting the materials the producers don't want, into the hands of creatives. Wanna give it a try yourself and see what eco-crafting can look like? All materials on the Squirrelz is certified factory overstock. Try one of our 'Inspiration Packs' and start creating without adding to the fashion industry's negative environmental output, and without breaking the bank. Because buying eco shouldn't cost more!

Big thanks to Brittany Fenton for helping us spread the word about eco-conscious designing <3

Hey loves! My name is Lydia, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger over on my blog "Where the Pretty Things Are". I contacted Brittany a few weeks ago to see if she'd be interested in a collab/guest post and she said yes! I was pretty psyched, not gonna lie. You can see Brittany's post on my blog, just click here. We're both doing our rendition on a no-makeup makeup tutorial. Let's get started on this awesome makeup look, shall we?

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I love doing a natural makeup look for my everyday look. Although most of the time, I'll spruce it up by adding a bright lip color or contouring my face or using eyeliner. Today, we're just focusing on just a few products. Makeup is all about enhancing those beautiful features of yours, and a natural/no-makeup look is the best way to do that.
Before I go into the tutorial, let's do a brief review of the difference between tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and CC cream. Tinted moisturizer is very simple, it's a very sheer and light coverage to give you color plus a little more. BB cream stands for blemish balm, it's lighter foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizer. CC cream stands for color correction. It's the same coverage as BB cream but focuses on addressing issues like redness or yellowness. A few of my favorites include: Yves Saint Laurent (CC cream), Nars (TM), Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore (BB),  and the one I'm using Dr. Jart Black Detox  (BB)
Now, it's time for the tutorial! Who's excited?🙋🏽


1. Apply primer and BB/CC/tinted moisturizer.
2. Dab on some concealer over BB cream and brush some finishing powder all over your face.
3. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks (I spread out a little more) and mascara to your eyelashes.
4. Line lips with lip liner and fill in with lipstick/gloss.

1. For a natural look, be sure to either use CC cream, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Foundation is to heavy and won't create a "no-makeup" feature on your face.
2. Always try to use a brush or beauty blender on your face. This creates a flawless finish and will give the appearance of beautiful skin. It also helps your cream and concealer to stay on longer. If you don't have a brush or blender, dab on your concealer for a longer-lasting and natural look.
3. Apply your mascara really really close to your lash line. This will give the appearance of a very thin line of eyeliner without the trouble.
4. Use a natural-colored lip liner and lipstick/gloss that enhances the color of your lips and will give the look of all-natural.
5. The concealer I'm using (itCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye) you only need a tiny tiny bit. Maybe 1/4 of  the size of a pea. Seriously. It's works amazingly well, and this tiny bottle has lasted me almost a year!
6. I blend in my blush using my beauty blender to create a more natural pink to my cheeks.

Thanks for reading dolls! Be sure to
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As you have probably seen from my previous outfit posts, I am a big fan of neutral colours. Which is why, when I saw this skirt and I actually liked it, I knew it had a place in my wardrobe. It's the main focus of this outfit, and is a beautiful woven skirt with all different patterns and textures. I paired it with a simple white crop, and some tan sandals and overall I really liked this outfit.

Also, we have just got renovations on our house, which is why there is no railing behind me (it's still being built). But I thought the background was pretty so therefore I didn't mind standing on the edge of a 2 metre high deck :p

Outfit Details:
Top: Universal Store (this is the grey version as the white one is sold out)
Skirt: City Beach
Watch: Nixon

Brittany x

Today I am sharing with you some news from Latergramme that have released new information about an Instagram special feature! 
They are the first to release this news, and I am helping to get the word out.

Basically this is what it is, you can now add multiple accounts on Instagram and switch through them without having to log out and log back in again!

This is a feature only available on iOS currently, Instagram should be realising other versions some time soon, so keep checking. This feature is one of the most requested features on Instagram and it has taken the popular social media a while to jump on this feature. 

So how do you do it? Here's how:

1. Go to the 'Settings' button on your profile, scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Add Accounts.' Some people have reported that this may only work on some iOS accounts, so you may not have access to this feature yet. 

2. This will take you to the home page where you will have to login to your different account. 

3. Now you have access to the different account! Just simply tap your name at the top of your profile page, and you will be able to effortlessly switch between accounts. 

4. For your notifications, each notification will tell you which account is it for, as seen in the image below:

I am so excited to release this information with you all! For me, this is so handy as I have my blog Instagram as well as my personal Instagram and I think this new utility will be so helpful for so many businesses.
View Lattergramme's post here.
Also Lattergramme is an app that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts as well as uploaded straight from your computer. So have a look at them here

Don't forget to share this post to let others know about the new feature!

Valentines day is so often all about others, about our loved ones, but I feel sometimes we need to treat ourselves and love ourself. As you can probably tell, based off a recent post, Enhancing You, and this post, I have really being enjoying the 'loving yourself' vibe. 
I understand the point of showering your loved ones in gifts on valentines day, but what about yourself? You're the one who has kept breathing when there is no air, and kept swimming when it feels like you're drowning. 

Today's post was inspired by Boohoo, and as you know, I have worked with them before on my Summer Essentials post, and Styling Nike Air Force 1s video. I absolutely loved Boohoo, they have seriously affordable clothing that is of a high quality and is super on trend. The asked me to say one thing that made me feel gorgeous and good about myself this valentines, and to be honest I had to think pretty hard.
It would probably be this: I am strong 
And I don't mean physically (I am a COMPLETE weakling in that area), I mean mentally and emotionally. Sometimes when I am down I think about everything I've overcome; moving countries, loosing friends, starting new schools ), completing school (almost - I have on year left!, getting a job.

What makes you feel good about yourself?

Shop this Bralette from Boohoo:

This is part 3 of my travel blog posts from when I went to South Africa. I haven't posted one in quite a while, and I know you guys like them so here is another one!

You can view the others here:

Our family decided to take us on a holiday from our holiday (if that makes sense) and we drove to Swaziland, which is a country just above South Africa. 

On the way we stopped at a restaurant called Mandala's and it was honestly the most beautiful place. There was artwork every where, and the scenery was breath taking. I actually felt really calm there, it must have been the mixture of nature and art that just made me feel such calmness. 

Mandala's Resturant

After our drive to Swaziland we finally got to our hotel and completely crashed! But we went out to dinner and then pretty much hit the hay. 

The next day, we did a full day of activities, and we went to the Swaziland Glass Factory. This place was amazing and sold hand made glass sculptures, glasses, jugs and just about anything else that could possible be made out of glass. 

There were also some beautiful little local business that we stopped by and had a look at.

Local Shops

South African 'Lucky Beans' 

We then stopped at Swazi Candles, and this is a stunning place that uses local people to hand make these candles, and they are then shipped world wide. It was only a team of about eight or so workers, which fascinated me seeing as though Swazi Candles are national. 

A few of the candles

A beautiful bathroom in Swaziland

Local stores selling goods

On the way back to the hotel, we made an unexpected stop at a local national park, and whilst we were there, we found out there was traditional Swazi dancing, which of course we had to go to!
The scenery, people, dancing, music and aesthetic was divine. It was probably one of the highlights of my trip.

The show

Me and my sister with the local Swazi people

The next day we headed back to Newcastle, where we spent a few more days before heading to Cape Town, so stay tuned for that! Swaziland was an amazing experience, and the happiness of the people radiated from their smiles. 

Brittany x
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