Hello everyone!

Life has been extremely stressful recently, hence why there have been a lack of blogposts. I have had exams, and I honestly don't cope very well with exams; I get extremely stressed out. It's important to realise that the marks and results you get do not define you. They are not an indication of how kind you are, or what your worth is as a person. Your marks represent a fraction of who you really are and that needs to be remembered. 

Today I have a outfit post, I took these photos awhile ago, before exams started, and I've been wanting to share this with you for quite some time. I have been loving camel/mustard recently, and these shorts are the perfect colour!
Here are the details:
Shorts ~ City Beach
T-Shirt ~ Cotton On
Watch ~ The Horse

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  1. cool flip-flops! I really like that they are on a platform sole, the main thing that no matter where it is not rubbed legs


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