With summer dwelling her in Australia, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on my tips for achieving that healthy summer glow. Doing simple things each day can give your skin such a nice look, and I think summer is the perfect time to enhance your natural glow.
So here are my top tips for getting your glow on!

Water Water Water
This is so important, water is a necessity and it can really change how our skin is. Staying hydrated has a lot of health benefits for you skin and by simply sipping a few extra sips of water you could be working magic for your skin. I find keeping a water bottle with me at all times really encourages me to drink more, little sips go a long way. Also, if water is to 'plain' or 'boring' try spicing it up with some fruit infused water, I have a whole blog post about it here. Also, a healthy diet goes hand in hand, and you can check out some awesome recipes here at Aloha. 

Finding a good highlighter is magical - it gives your skin a subtle sheen and helps to accentuate your cheek bones. Not to mention is also does wonders for giving you a healthy glow. My favourite highlighter would have to be the Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten. Despite it being an eyeshadow it works amazingly. You can read a review here.

Tanning is a great way to help your skin give off that summer glow. Being slightly more tanned in summer is a great look, and lying in the sun has numerous benefits for your body. Firstly, Vitamin D is a great source of Dopamine (the chemical in your brain making you feel happy). But just remember to be sun safe and apply sunscreen regularly!

So those are my tips for achieving a summer glow!
A special thanks to the folks at Aloha for giving me inspiration to do this post.



  1. I wish it were suer here so I could try this look. I have a tendency to wear barely any makeup in summer though.

    1. You can still 'glow' in the cooler months! Give it a go :)


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