Hey Everyone!
ShopBXB (http://www.shopbxb.com/) is an online makeup store, with hundreds of brands, such as NARS, TheBalm and many more. Their website is launching on the 2nd of November and for the first 48 hours they are having a MASSIVE sale (and when I say massive I mean up to 75% off) of over 35000 beauty products. 

In those 48 hours, ShopBXB will be the cheapest makeup store in the world. So if I was you, I'd start saving because this sale is going to be huge. 
In order to access this enormous sale, all you have to do is login to ShopBXB and create a free account. In order to access ShopBXB, you have to have a password, and this password is only generated once an account is made. 

Also, if that doesn't sound good enough, they offer free worldwide shipping!

I would certainly recommend checking ShopBXB out, as they have large range of products at very low prices.

Will you be at the ShopBXB launch sale?

Brittany x

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