I recently found a company called BloomNation, and I decided to come up with some interesting ways of adding flowers to everyday home decor. This wonderful company specialises in delivering flowers to people's homes, and I thought this was such a cute idea I had to write a blog post on it!

There is something beautiful about a fresh bunch of flowers; the fact that they are living, breathing organisms fascinates me. Flowers are such a little piece of happiness that can give you a little breath of joy even on your unhappiest days. I think flowers can be easily incorporated into our day to day lives, by smelling the ones you walk past on your front porch, by buying a bunch or by even walking into a florist. Flowers can make anyone smile, and I think flowers should be something more commonly thought of and incorporated into our busy lives.

You can have a look at BloomNation here and maybe even send a bunch of flowers to your friends and family?

What is your favourite flower?

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