For my sixteenth birthday, I received a diffuser along with an essential oil. I am a massive fan of scents and aromatherapy, so getting something like this was perfect. Over the past 4 or 5 months I have added to my scent collection and found some gorgeous scents from The Body Shop. 
This diffuser is by the brand 'Lively Living' and is their 'Aroma-Go'. It creates a beautiful waft of smoke and fulls my bedroom with some gorgeous scents.

If you have severe anxiety, scents that can 'ground you' and bring you back to the presents can help so much. By finding a scent that makes you happy, or makes you remember happier times, can help to make you feel more in the present, and can stop those anxious thoughts from overcoming you. 
For me, this scent is the Pomegranate and Raspberry Scent. 
This scent is beautiful and always makes me feel better.
I would highly recommended giving aromatherapy a go, to help those who are anxious. Aromatherapy is a great sounding mechanism and tactic to help you when those thoughts are a their strongest.


  1. I really want to get something like this now! Happy birthday belated birthday. I can't light yummy smelling candles in my room but this seems like a much better way to spread some yummy smells

    1. Yes! I personally think the diffuser works way better than a scented candle! Thank you! :)


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