I recently found a company called BloomNation, and I decided to come up with some interesting ways of adding flowers to everyday home decor. This wonderful company specialises in delivering flowers to people's homes, and I thought this was such a cute idea I had to write a blog post on it!

There is something beautiful about a fresh bunch of flowers; the fact that they are living, breathing organisms fascinates me. Flowers are such a little piece of happiness that can give you a little breath of joy even on your unhappiest days. I think flowers can be easily incorporated into our day to day lives, by smelling the ones you walk past on your front porch, by buying a bunch or by even walking into a florist. Flowers can make anyone smile, and I think flowers should be something more commonly thought of and incorporated into our busy lives.

You can have a look at BloomNation here and maybe even send a bunch of flowers to your friends and family?

What is your favourite flower?

For my sixteenth birthday, I received a diffuser along with an essential oil. I am a massive fan of scents and aromatherapy, so getting something like this was perfect. Over the past 4 or 5 months I have added to my scent collection and found some gorgeous scents from The Body Shop. 
This diffuser is by the brand 'Lively Living' and is their 'Aroma-Go'. It creates a beautiful waft of smoke and fulls my bedroom with some gorgeous scents.

If you have severe anxiety, scents that can 'ground you' and bring you back to the presents can help so much. By finding a scent that makes you happy, or makes you remember happier times, can help to make you feel more in the present, and can stop those anxious thoughts from overcoming you. 
For me, this scent is the Pomegranate and Raspberry Scent. 
This scent is beautiful and always makes me feel better.
I would highly recommended giving aromatherapy a go, to help those who are anxious. Aromatherapy is a great sounding mechanism and tactic to help you when those thoughts are a their strongest.

Today I have a collab with the gorgeous Brookie, from Lifetime.2.Inspire 
We are bringing you both Autumn and Spring Essentials from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 
It is Spring here in Australia, and that is why I am doing Spring essentials. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out Brookie's post here.

Across the Foot Sandals
I have done a blogpost on these before, and I love them! As you can see, mine are extremely well worn. These ones are from windsor Smith and lasting extremely well considering I wear them 6/7 days a week. 

Pink Lipstick
This can be anything, I have a few Maybelline and Revlon and I love them. Pink lipstick is perfect for Spring time and can be paired with nearly any eye makeup look. 

Matte Foundation
This foundation is by Maybelline and it is there 'Matte and Poreless Fit Me!' Foundation. I. Love. This. Foundation. It is super matte and is perfect for the warmer months when my skin starts to get oily.

Layering Necklaces
These scream summer are so was to uses, especially when they come in a set like these ones from Forever 21. 

iPhone Case
This beautiful iPhone case is from Sportsgirl, and I am in love with it. It gives off a summer vibe and reminds me a lot of flowers (hence why it's in my spring essentials).

Since we've just come out of winter, our faces are all looking pretty ghostly. Bronzer adds a warm glow to the skin and can get you looking more summer-y. This one is from Maybelline and is there Master Sculpt.

Denim Skirt
Who loves a good denim skirt? These are perfect for summer as they are light and easy to wear with nearly everything.

Hope you guys liked this post! Go show Brookie some love and check out her blog post on Autumn Essentials here

Brittany x

New video is up! It's a haul featuring makeup, random and fashion purchases!
Hope you enjoy x

Hi Everyone,
This jumper is from Dissh, and when I saw it at the beginning of winter I loved it. It originally retailed for $49, which I thought was reasonable for a cozy jumper like this one. I put off buying it as why did I need another roll neck jumper? But when I saw it had been reduced to $20 (yes, $20!!) I couldn't resist it.
I put together this simple, cozy outfit and even though it is starting to warm up here in Australia, there are still days where I think this outfit would be suitable.

Outfit Details:

Britt x

Hope you enjoy this new video xx

Hey Everyone! 
So where have I been? What's been happening?
I've had exams last week, and since it was my first exam block since starting homeschool I decided to try my best and I spent most of my free time studying, meaning I didn't have a lot of time for blogging. 
But I am finished and I am ready to blog! I have a new theme as some of you may have noticed, what do you think? I hope you like it!
So anyways, onto the review. 

At Priceline, Rimmel had a 50% of sale, so of course I picked up a few things. I have heard so many things about the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, and since I loved the concealer, I thought I'd give it a go. 

This colour is a perfect match in the foundation, however even the lightest concealer still wasn't light enough. I've heard a few people say that, and honestly the foundations have such a wide range of colours, I was a bit disappointed with the range of the concealers.

The packaging is pretty standard. I would't say it's the best however it is very slick and clean which I tend to like in a product

The foundation and concealer have two very different finishes. The foundation is definitely a dewy finish which isn't great for me as I have quite oily skin and therefore I tend to get shiny very easily. I reckon for people with drier skin, this would be perfect. It is also a medium coverage, and can be built up very easily. Perfect for everyday wear.
The concealer is perfect for all skin tones, as I don't find it too dewy or matte. It is a medium-high coverage and can also be built up easily - perfect for blemishes and dark circles/redness.

Staying Power
As I said before, since the foundation is a dewy finish, it doesn't last the longest on me as within a few hours I am extremely shiny. The concealer however lasts all day

So that is a review on the Wake Me Up foundation and concealer! I hope you enjoy! Have any of you tried these products?

Brittany x

Hey Everyone! 
Today's video is an afterschool routine.
I was lucky enough to collaborate with Veet for this video so you should definitely check out their website. You can also buy the Veet EasyWax machine that I used in this video from their website, or at your local woolworths. 

Brittany x

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a good day!

I am super super super excited to annouce that I am officially one of Latergramme's ambassadors!!
I have using Latergramme for a few months now, and when they contacted me to be one of their ambassadors of course I said yes.
They inspired this post, which is going to be all about staying on top of social media. 
So, here are my tips:

As the name suggests, Instagram has finally released it's newest feature, the switching-between-multiple-accounts option. This was first released by Latergramme, and I did a whole blog post on it here. This feature has got to be one of Instagram's best features. It makes it so much easier to switch between my blog Instagram and my personal one. 

I feel like sometimes, people get carried away and check their social media accounts way to often. By checking it every 3 hours, you are limiting yourself to 4-5 social media sessions a day, which may sound like a lot, but think of how many you time you are now!! Also, every 3 hours there is a nice new lot of posts to have a look at, hence preventing the *refresh refresh refresh* waiting for someone to post something ;)

Lets face it, not every single social media platform you use is going to benefit you. For me, it was Facebook. I found that to bring the least traffic to my blog, and I found it extremely boring, hence why I deleted my personal and blog Facebook.

My favourite word :p I am a huge fan of organising and scheduling so when it came to a program that allowed you to schedule your instagram posts, I was all for it. Latergramme is a free app for android and iOS that can be used on all devices (computers as well as phones) that allows you to schedule posts. It provides you reminders when you are in need of posting, and honestly allows for a more routined social media experience.

There's some days when I feel way more inspired than others, so on those days, take as many photos as you can! And don't post them all in one day, use Latergramme to spread them out and schedule them.

I hope this post was beneficial to you!
What are your tips for social media?

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