So last week, we had a thing called The Ekka (or the Brisbane Show). For those of you living overseas, The Ekka is a week full of performances, rides and show bags. You even get a public holiday especially for the Ekka. My family went without me, as unfortunately I was working, but I came home to two show bags.
Now I wasn't expecting much to be honest. The show bags are bags that sell for around $15-25 and contain a bag full of little things to test and try out. Mum and Dad brought me the Marie Claire one, and a Model Co one. In these bags contained a heap of products and samples, which I am super exited to try out. 

Have any of you been to the Ekka?

Brittany x

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  1. The makeup bag in the top picture is super cute! And I can tell you now that the Volumeyes mascara is amazing! Great Post Brittany, me and the SOS girls are missing you very much <3


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