So last week, we had a thing called The Ekka (or the Brisbane Show). For those of you living overseas, The Ekka is a week full of performances, rides and show bags. You even get a public holiday especially for the Ekka. My family went without me, as unfortunately I was working, but I came home to two show bags.
Now I wasn't expecting much to be honest. The show bags are bags that sell for around $15-25 and contain a bag full of little things to test and try out. Mum and Dad brought me the Marie Claire one, and a Model Co one. In these bags contained a heap of products and samples, which I am super exited to try out. 

Have any of you been to the Ekka?

Brittany x
Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of small and large companies to get you all some discount codes (now yes, if you use these discount codes they're also going to benefit me, it's a bit of a win win deal here). I was waiting on getting a solid amount of companies involved before I posted this post, and I think I'm finally ready.

BATL  Apparel

BATL Apparel is an urban/street wear brand that is quite an 'underground' brand. I had never heard about this brand however when they approached me to collaborate with them I fell in love with their style.

Unique Code: brittsblogs

This code entitles you to 20% off site wide which is such a great deal. You can check them out here.


I have been obsessed with this game recently and when they approached me to collaborate with them I was so excited. This game is kind of like tetras, where you have to fit all the blocks on the screen.

Use this link to download it and you'll be helping me out heaps:


This website is a email subscription manager, where you can clearly manage your subscriptions and prevent junk mail.

Use this link to create your own free account:

Note: This link only works for people who are located in the US. Unfortunately this link will not work for other locations. 

So that's all for my Amazing Advertisers for this month!
A big thank you to all the companies involved and if you would like your company to be featured in next month's amazing advertisers, please email me at

Brittany x

Hope you all enjoy this video! x

It's been a while since I've done a trend alert, but I decided today would be the perfect day. Today I will be talking to you about a new trend I have been seeing everywhere, it's these lace up pointed toe flats. I saw some gorgeous ones in Sportsgirl, however paying $100+ for a pair of flats wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. That's why when I saw these ones in Rubi Shoes for $39.95 I knew I had to get them. 

These gorgeous flats are lace up, with a very pointed toe and a elegant vibe. If you need some new flats - definitely check out Rubi Shoes as they have some gorgeous lace up pointed toe flats at the moment. 

Will you be rocking this trend this season?

Brittany x

Hope you all enjoy my first Back To School Video!

Today I have an extremely exciting post - A review / unboxing of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I've never owned a high-end makeup palette before, so when I bought this I couldn't wait to get home and have a look inside. 

The packaging is beautiful (since when is Too Faced's packaging not beautiful?!?!) and comes with a nifty set of looks to create with the palette. The palette itself looks like a chocolate bar, with the Too Faced logo printed in pink on the front. Inside there are 16 shadows to choose from, which each smell exactly like chocolate. There is also a nice big mirror on the inside which is super useful for travelling

I am yet to find an eyeshadow that gives amazing pigmentation with no eyelid primer - but this palette comes close. Some shades are more pigmented than others however they are all exceptional when used over an eyelid primer. There are such a variety of colours that they could take you from a no-makeup makeup look to a evening party look.

The shades are the perfect mixture of soft and smooth (am I talking about a chocolate bar? or the palette?) and glide on amazingly. There is nothing bad to say about the texture of the palette. They are super blend-able colours that all go together beautifully.

As you can tell, I am a massive fan of the Chocolate Bar Palette. Everything about it is beautiful, so well done Too Faced. You've done it again.

Brittany x

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