I have heard so much about these pencils, so I finally decided to pick them up and give them ago. They retail, in Australia, for $9.95 which is seriously a good deal, as most lipsticks retail for $20+.
Firstly lets talk about the packaging. They are a slick black thick pencil. They are so thick I had to purchase a new sharpener just for these pencils, as they were too big for my others. Also, since they are wooden, it feels as if I am wasting a lot of product as I sharpen them. 
The actual product, is beautiful. They are so smooth and creamy and I absolutely love the texture and feel of them on my lips. They last all day and despite being matte, they are not by any means drying. They glide onto my lips so well and I would highly recommend them. 
The colours above are Nude Perfection which is an almost perfect dupe for MACs Velvet Teddy, and Red Essential, which I think is a perfect red for my skin tone. 

I hope you guys enjoy this review!
Have you tried these lip pencils?
What are your thoughts?

Brittany x

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  1. I don't use lip pencils so I wouldn't buy this product. I found your review interesting though ;)
    Peace xo


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