Hi Everybody!
So recently I was lucky enough to be gifted this watch by my God Mother as a birthday present. I have been wanting one of these watches for a while and I am so excited to finally have it and be able to wear it. This watch is by the brand The Horse. The Horse is an Australian brand that specialises in leather goods. Their watches are simply beautiful and are such good quality. 
The one I got (picture above) is the Brushes Rose/Walnut Leather and I absolutely love the rose gold accents and the tan leather strap. It's such a nice colour combination. 

Have you seen these watches before?
What do you think?

Brittany x


  1. I've never seen these watches before but yours at least is beautiful! So lovely!
    I love the new design of the blog, congrats :) xx


  2. Oh i love this watch and i am defiantly going to look into getting one. -Liv


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