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Today I have the awesome opportunity to talk to you about one of my fellow blogging friends, Liv, from Liv In Progress. She's a beautiful girl whom I have gotten on with extremely well in the few weeks we have been talking. We have some awesome collaborations coming up but we thought before we dived straight into them we might give a bit of an introduction on each others blog. We came up with 15 Questions to get to know each other, so here they are:

1. Name?
Olivia, but most people call me Liv. ;)

2. Blog name?
 Liv In Progress.

3. Age?
 14 But my birthday is in September.

4. Favorite TV show?
Um probably Once upon a time or dancing with the stars.

5. Favorite song?
 Okay that's hard because i LOVE music, but my favorite as of now is probably Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy or Something I Need by OneRepublic.

6. Favorite book?
 To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I can't wait to read the second one.

7. Favorite thing to do when bored?
 Write or draw those are always my go to activities.

8. Favorite type of blogpost to write?
 Um probably the big sister kinda post's because i want it to be like we are just talking face to face about our problems.

9. Favorite thing to do?
  Hang out with my best friend because i get my best inspiration from her.

10. Describe your style in 3 words?
 Simple, comfy, put together.

11. Inspiration behind your blog name?
 Well my blog is called Liv In Progress because I'm Liv and i am not perfect i am still a work in progress.

12. Flats, sandals, boots or sneakers
 Sandals because i love to be comfy lol.

13 Top 2 makeup products?
 Concealer and eyeliner.

14. If you had to pick between makeup or clothes which one would it be?
 Clothes because fashion is a way to express yourself and you don't need makeup because you are beautiful just the way you are. :)

15. Inspiration behind starting a blog?
I had just finished a play i was in and it took up my whole summer so i was going to be a little bored and i had gone through a tough time and i thought why not help other girls get through this crazy thing we call life.

You can view my answers on her blog here!

 - Brittany 

Ps. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Liv coming soon!

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