I recently decided to purchase the new Real Techniques Sculpting Set as they were on sale in Priceline. They were $10 off the original price which was around $45.
This is quite expensive considering you can get them of iHerb for a lot cheaper however I wasn't prepared for waiting for shipping (yes, I'm inpatient).

In this set there are 3 brushes:
Sculpting Brush (left), Fan brush (middle) and setting brush (right)

Sculpting Brush
This brush is quite a dense, angled brush that is prefect for creating a harsh or soft contour. I love the look it gives and it is very easy to use, if you know how. I would say this brush wouldn't be for beginners as things can go wrong quite easily, however if you're confident in your ability to contour, definitely try this brush. 

Fan Brush
This brush is just what it says, a fan brush. I like to use this to dust on some highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and down the centre of my face as it only uses a little bit of product. This brush is super soft extremely thin - perfect for highlighting.

Setting Brush
This brush is slightly tapered, and is a lot smaller than the other brushes.  I like to use this brush to set my under-eye concealer as it fits perfectly. It can also be used to add some highlighter.
This is a very multi-purpose brush.

Have you tried these brushes?
What do you think of them?

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