Essence is a European makeup brand with really affordable makeup. I needed a blush (slowly building my makeup collection) and I had heard good things about the Essence blushes. The Essence makeup products are not tested on animals and are really affordable for their quality. I brought this blush in the shade BabyDoll (#20).

Pigmentation: 9/10
Definitely very pigmented for the price and it leaves a natural glow to your cheeks. I've heard different things about some of the other colours but this Babydoll colour was perfect and had just the right about of pigmentation

Affordability: 10/10
These blushes are only $4.25 at Priceline and are amazing quality for their price.

Packaging: 7/10
The packaging of the brush is quite cheap, but can be expected when the blush only costs $4.25. It is tightly secured once closed and there is no way this will pop open without you opening it. They are quite small and easy to take travelling.

Recommend? Definitely
For the price and quality I would highly recommend this blush to anyone who's new to makeup like me and wants to give blush a go. I was definitely surprised with the overall quality of the blush. 

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