I decided to purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as I've heard so much about it. Although this is my first real foundation (I previously used BB creams), I still thought it was worth reviewing as it was certainly made transitioning to foundations a positive experience. Not to say I won't be using BB Creams though, they will always be one of my go-to's. 

So now onto the review:
This foundation is a perfect match to my skin colour, and blends so well. It's not to cake-y also, and provides a nice coverage while also maintaining a natural look. 
It also suits my skin type, as it's not to drying or hydrating - I find it's the perfect balance. When I started using foundation I was really worried about break outs and pimples starting to pop up (as nearly everything I put on my skin leads to pimples) however I was pleasantly surprised as I haven't broken out at all when I've used this. Which was a huge relief!
I would definitely recommend this product as it is a great asset to my makeup collection

Brittany x

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