Nice smells are something I can never get enough of. They can make a house feel a variety of different adjectives and can add to the atmosphere. 
Below, I've listed my top things that you can easily do to make your house smell good.

#1. Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers are a great way to make your house smell good. They also look quite nice to, and can not only a smell but a sense of elegance to your interior design. The ones I have linked are from airwick and are gorgeous. I would highly recommened them.

#2. Scented Candles
There's something beautiful about scented candles. They make my bedroom feel warm and cosy and I could watch the flame flicker for ages. I find candles extremely relaxing and scented ones are a plus. These gorgeous scented candles are from Airwick as well and I would again recommend getting your hands on some. The benefits of candles is that unlike Reed Diffusers, you can blow them out and the smell will gradually disappear. If you use reed diffusers the smell is there constantly, which I personally like having the option to blow out my candles to stop the smell.

#3. Room Spray
Room spray is also another excellent way of making your room smell nice. They are easy and quick to use and make your room smell nice almost instantly. My favourite are definitely the ones from the Body Shop!

How do you make your room/house smell good?


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