I've been really wanting to try a liquid eyeliner, as I've never tried one before. I had heard extremely positive reviews about the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner and I thought I had to pick it up. I got it in the black shade. 

Firstly the packaging. It comes in this gorgeous cardboard packaging and I love it!
The liner itself is very thin to hold, and has the Stila logo printed on it. 

The tips is extremely fine, making it super easy to achieve a subtle liquid liner look. It also makes creating wings a lot easier, as this is something I have struggled with in the past. It is also beneficial for making different sized wings, from bold to subtle this eyeliner covers all bases. 
This eyeliner is extremely waterproof, and quite literally stays all day. I swatched some on my hand before I bought it and for only went away when I had a shower that night. The eyeliner also didn't fade through out the day, which is a big bonus as I hate fading eyeliner. 
It's $26 and can be brought from Mecca Maxima. 

Have you tried this eyeliner?
What are your thoughts?

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