Wow what a hectic month this has been. I had so many assignments and tests and it feels like forever since I've sat down and wrote (because all my posts for February were pre-made). These are exceptionally late, as I have a hard time balancing my school work out with the rest of my life, but most of my tests are complete, so I'll be able to post more on my Instagram, and make better posts on here. So here are my february favourites:

Favourite Clothing: Sportsgirl Monochrome Shirt

I gave been in love with this shirt since I bought it in the beginning of February! Every time it comes out of the wash I wear it. I love the pattern and I especially love the folded back. 

Favourite Skin Care: Clearasil Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub
 Before, I was using proactiv, which was good, but not great. After the proactiv counter closed at my local mall, I decided to give this a go. The difference in my skin has been AMAZING! My skin feels so cleansed and fresh after using this. I used this both day and night and it works wonders for acne-prone skin like mine.
Look out for a skin care routine coming up soon :-)

Favourite Brush: Ecotools Buffing Brush
 This brush is a part of their starter kit, and I absolutely love it for applying powder. It works so well and I would highly recommend! 

Favourite Beauty Product: Models Prefer Brow Pencil
 I finally got a brow pencil! Mum bought me this one from priceline and I love it! I've heard not so good things about drugstore brow products, but I am seriously loving this one! It works so well to add volume and fill in my brows. The colour is also a perfect match (I got mine in medium).

So not that many favourites this month, but I hope you enjoy!
What have your February Favourites been?

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