Welcome to the second post of my new series A Beginners Guide. In this series I will be taking you all back to the basics of how to apply makeup. I am a beginner when it comes to makeup so these tips and tricks are what I learnt when experimenting with makeup.

There are many different types of foundations. There are liquid foundations, powder foundation, cream foundations and BB Creams (tinted moisturisers) and all of which can be used to create the perfect base. The purpose of foundation is to make even out your complexion and hide away any blemishes on the skin. Foundations also make your skin more radiant and tend to make them glow. 

Liquid Foundations:
These are the easiest and most popular types of foundations to use. There are a wide range of liquid foundations from the drugstore (e.g. Bonjois Healthy Mix Foundation) or from higher end brands (e.g. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation). To apply liquid foundation, use a flat foundation brush as this makes the application process a lot easier, and makes the finished look look much better.

Powder Foundations:
Powder foundations aren't quite as popular as liquid foundations due to the fact that the don't suit as many people. Whilst liquid foundation is good for all skin types, powder foundation tends to be best suited for people with oily skin as the powder tends to irritate dry skin. A good drugstore powder foundation is the L'oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation and a good high end powder foundation is the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. These foundations can be applied with a buffing brush or sponge. 

Stick Foundations:
Stick foundations tend to come in a stick, and can be applied by blending out the foundation with a buffing brush or hands. Stick foundations have a high coverage, and if used correctly can be used as a concealer and foundation. A good drugstore foundation is the Face Of Australia Stick Foundation and for high end brands the Stila CC Colour Correcting Foundation Stick.

BB Creams:
BB Creams or tinted moisturisers are great for a lighter coverage and just easy for a day makeup look. They are simple and easy to use and can be applied by simple blending using the hands. They do not require a lot of blending however are not always the best to cover up blemishes. BB Creams are great when your skin is looking nice and you don't want heavy coverage. Drugstore BB Cream: Garnier BB Cream, High end BB Cream: Too Faced BB Cream.

Hope you guys liked it!


  1. I think this post can be very helpful! You're doing such a great job! Keep going xx


  2. This is really helpful! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that although I wear foundation and concealer etc. a lot, it never really stays on for long/ covers well. Going to use your tips!

    Cloudy Dreams

    1. Thank you! Try using a primer - they work so well! x


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