Welcome to the second post of my new series A Beginners Guide. In this series I will be taking you all back to the basics of how to apply makeup. I am a beginner when it comes to makeup so these tips and tricks are what I learnt when experimenting with makeup.

There are many different types of foundations. There are liquid foundations, powder foundation, cream foundations and BB Creams (tinted moisturisers) and all of which can be used to create the perfect base. The purpose of foundation is to make even out your complexion and hide away any blemishes on the skin. Foundations also make your skin more radiant and tend to make them glow. 

Liquid Foundations:
These are the easiest and most popular types of foundations to use. There are a wide range of liquid foundations from the drugstore (e.g. Bonjois Healthy Mix Foundation) or from higher end brands (e.g. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation). To apply liquid foundation, use a flat foundation brush as this makes the application process a lot easier, and makes the finished look look much better.

Powder Foundations:
Powder foundations aren't quite as popular as liquid foundations due to the fact that the don't suit as many people. Whilst liquid foundation is good for all skin types, powder foundation tends to be best suited for people with oily skin as the powder tends to irritate dry skin. A good drugstore powder foundation is the L'oreal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation and a good high end powder foundation is the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. These foundations can be applied with a buffing brush or sponge. 

Stick Foundations:
Stick foundations tend to come in a stick, and can be applied by blending out the foundation with a buffing brush or hands. Stick foundations have a high coverage, and if used correctly can be used as a concealer and foundation. A good drugstore foundation is the Face Of Australia Stick Foundation and for high end brands the Stila CC Colour Correcting Foundation Stick.

BB Creams:
BB Creams or tinted moisturisers are great for a lighter coverage and just easy for a day makeup look. They are simple and easy to use and can be applied by simple blending using the hands. They do not require a lot of blending however are not always the best to cover up blemishes. BB Creams are great when your skin is looking nice and you don't want heavy coverage. Drugstore BB Cream: Garnier BB Cream, High end BB Cream: Too Faced BB Cream.

Hope you guys liked it!

After finishing my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, I decided to splurge a little on a new powder. After researching good powders, I noticed the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Powder kept popping up.
So, on the weekend I went to MAC and decide to purchase it. I got the lovely ladies at the MAC stand to match up my skin tone to a powder and I ended up being Medium - which is a perfect match. 

This powder is amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and matte the entire day. It really sets my makeup and makes a great base to apply contours/highlights/blush. 

The coverage is perfect and does not leave my face feeling cakey - like some of the drugstore powders I have tried. It is a medium coverage and perfect for me for school.

I would definitely recommend this product as it feels so smooth on the skin and is definitely mattifying. 
This is a beautiful powder and can be purchased at any MAC stand for around AUD$49
Although it's on the pricey side I would definitely be repurchasing this as it definitely is value for money. 

Have you tried this powder?
What are your thoughts?

After purchasing my first Chi Chi Eyeshadow Palette, Naturals, I fell in love with the texture, pigmentation and feel of these eyeshadows and decided to purchase the much talked about Nudes Palette.
View the review of some other Chi Chi Palettes here

This palette is very comparable to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, however I have never tried the UD one, so I cannot compare it to that in terms of pigmentation. However I do believe the pigmentation of this palette is very good. The colours are almost identical to those of the UD Naked Palette and this Palette is a great dupe, and something way less expensive, then the UD one. I would definitely recommend this product. It can be purchased from Myer for $22 - a great price tag for this great palette. 

Have you tried Chi Chi Eyeshadow Palettes? What are your thought on them?
Recently I have seen rose gold everywhere, so much so that I've decided to do a trend alert on it. If, like me, you aren't a gold person, rose gold is the prefect in-between. It's a gorgeous colour and I would highly recommend jumping on this trend while it lasts.

Here are some of my favourite rose gold pieces:


West Egg inspired me to do this post, and that's why a few of the products mention are from WestEgg. WestEgg is a accessory webiste with designer brands for reasonable prices. You can check them out here. The promo code for you guys is wearwestegg and will entitle you to 10% storewide when you use it at the checkout. 

I would love to know what you guys like from WestEgg and share it with me on instagram.
I really like this trend as it is perfect for the upcoming winter. This gorgeous colour is perfect for people like myself who aren't to sure on Gold, but I'm sure you'll love Rose Gold!
Britt x

Autumn officially starts on the 20th of March, and I have noticed the nights getting gradually cooler and the days getting gradually shorter. I am really excited for autumn to start, as I personally love autumn/winter fashion, colours and the cooler days. 
Here is my OOTD from my last few days in summer.

Skirt: Temt $19
Top: Cotton On $12
Shoes: Lipstick
Nail Polish: Essie - Fiji

Me and my mum recently went to visit a mall that's just been refurbished. We stopped past the HUGE Myer and in the Myer I found a benefit! (My local Myer doesn't have one) So I went by and decided to purchase my first benefit products - the Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit. This kit contains a miniature size Porefessional, Hello Flawless foundation, Boi-ing concealer and Hello Flawless Powder. I got this in the shade light, as recommended by the lady at the counter.

Here's a photo of what's inside:

Now I personally don't love this makeup kit. I think the POREfessional is amazing! 
It leaves my skin looking flawless and makes my skin smooth to touch. I really like this primer, and being the first primer I've tried, I really want to explore and have a look at the industry of primers!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation
 However I find the foundation makes my skin appear flaky, and very cakey. This foundation just didn't work for me. I found the coverage was not that good and it accentuated the dry patch between my eyebrows. No matter how much moisturiser I use before hand, I can't avoid the dry patches this foundation seems to highlight. 

Boi-ing Cream Concealer
I liked the cream concealer however personally I am more of a fan of liquid concealer although this concealer is really good at covering blackness/redness/blemishes. I love how they give you two different shades in this kit - it's really useful for under eyes/blemishes. 

Hello Flawless Powder
The powder was good, and definitely is a mattifying powder. I really like this powder, and find also gives a good amount of coverage.

Have you tried any benefit products? Which ones?
Wow what a hectic month this has been. I had so many assignments and tests and it feels like forever since I've sat down and wrote (because all my posts for February were pre-made). These are exceptionally late, as I have a hard time balancing my school work out with the rest of my life, but most of my tests are complete, so I'll be able to post more on my Instagram, and make better posts on here. So here are my february favourites:

Favourite Clothing: Sportsgirl Monochrome Shirt

I gave been in love with this shirt since I bought it in the beginning of February! Every time it comes out of the wash I wear it. I love the pattern and I especially love the folded back. 

Favourite Skin Care: Clearasil Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub
 Before, I was using proactiv, which was good, but not great. After the proactiv counter closed at my local mall, I decided to give this a go. The difference in my skin has been AMAZING! My skin feels so cleansed and fresh after using this. I used this both day and night and it works wonders for acne-prone skin like mine.
Look out for a skin care routine coming up soon :-)

Favourite Brush: Ecotools Buffing Brush
 This brush is a part of their starter kit, and I absolutely love it for applying powder. It works so well and I would highly recommend! 

Favourite Beauty Product: Models Prefer Brow Pencil
 I finally got a brow pencil! Mum bought me this one from priceline and I love it! I've heard not so good things about drugstore brow products, but I am seriously loving this one! It works so well to add volume and fill in my brows. The colour is also a perfect match (I got mine in medium).

So not that many favourites this month, but I hope you enjoy!
What have your February Favourites been?

We're so close to autumn! This calls for dark colours, cloudy days, and don't forget lots of hot chocolate ;)
A huge trend seen in the northern hemisphere's winter/autumn was the felt hats, and this trend is continuing on to the southern hemisphere's cooler months. These felt hats are a perfect addition to an outfit, and not to mention keep your head warm. I got my hat from Dissh for around $30, and although they are all sold out, you can pretty much find these hats anywhere! I am absolutely loving this trend for the cooler months, and can't wait to start wearing it (even though I've worn it throughout summer too... oops).

After really enjoying the Chi Chi Nudes Palette when I purchased it as I heard it's a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette (read my review here), I decided to try out some of the other palettes. I tried out the Elegant, Bases and Naturals palettes.
Overall I am very impressed with the quality of these palettes for the price ($22 each from Myer) and I must say they are very pigmented. The lighter colours tend to be less pigmented, and tend to require more product to be seen however I find if I use my Face of Australia Eyelid Primer the colours show up more clearly and last for a lot longer. 
The palettes are good for beginners like myself who are  playing around with eyeshadows as they come in a wide range of colours and shades. 
These palettes compared to high end palettes are really good however their packaging can feel cheap and I also would not like to drop these palettes! 
Here is a short review of each palette:

Elegant Palette

 This palette features a lot of purples and shimmery shades while also featuring some matte shades. I loved the variation of purples in this palette and this is perfect for creating a purple eyeshadow look. 

Bases Palette

 This palette has a wide range of light, warm toned colours and is extremely good for highlighting or making a soft pink eye look. The shimmery colours are more pigmented than the matte colours on this palette as the colours are light. 

Naturals Palette

 This is by far my favourite palate out of the three due to is warmer and cooler shades. The left hand side of the palette is coolers, whilst the right is warmer. This palette is great for travelling as the shadows can be used to make a lot of looks. 

Overall I would highly recommend these palettes for the price as they are very affordable for their quality.
What's your favourite Chi Chi Eyeshadow palette?

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