I decided to do a DIY today, as I haven't done one in a while! This is a DIY sugar lip scrub to help get all the dead skin off your lips. 

First off, you'll need honey, sugar (any will do, though the courser the more dead skin will come off your lips), water, and a small container. 

For the measurements we'll be going of the size of your container. I filled the container up about 1/2 with sugar and 1/4 with honey and added a little splash of water. I mixed until it was smooth. 

This is literally the whole process! (Easy, right?) And now, you'll have super soft lips for Valentines Day! Just apply a little bit of this mixture on your lips and rub in till your lips are smooth. Rinse it off (or eat it ;) ) and done!

Hope you enjoy 
Britt x

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